Back Why Should you Visit the Valley of Flowers in June?

Why Should you Visit the Valley of Flowers in June?

Valley of flowers is a beautiful trek in Uttarakhand that takes the trekkers all the way to a valley which is full of flowers from the month of June to October. The valley comprises more than 600 species of flowering plants and herbs, some of them are quite rare and endemic. The rich biodiversity of the Valley of Flowers has also earned it the honor of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The valley opens to people in the month of June and remains open till autumn and different seasons presents a different charm of the valley. While the peak month of Valley of Flowers is considered August, the other months often go overlooked and this does quite a bit of injustice to the beauty of the Valley. Not to mention, you miss out on so much. Valley of Flowers in June is especially a sensory delight as the flowers start to bloom. The entire valley is fragrant with the blooming buds and with the onset of summer, the snow melts and the greenery comes into view dotted with blooming flowers everywhere. It’s just the right time to visit the Valley of Flowers. So, if you are consider trekking in Himalayas in June, we recommend this beautiful trek and here are some reasons why:

  1. The flowers begin to bloom
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It is during the month of June that the flowers start blooming. While not all flowers bloom at the same time but you can see quite a bit of floral species starting to paint the valley in colours. Also, in June summer is at it’s peak so the snow starts melting and the greenery begins to show up and you get to see the beautiful transition of season here. 

  1. Less rainfall and disturbance
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The monsoon season in the Valley of Flowers Trek doesn’t start until the end of June so if you visit the Valley of Flowers in June, you will very less rainfall and also there are much less chances of landslides while travelling to the base camp Govindghat due to minimal rainfall. So, trekking in Valley of Flowers is much more comfortable and convenient in the month of June.

  1. You will get to see glaciers
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If you are someone who is fond of glaciers and snow, early June will not will see flowers blooming but there are some remnant of snow near the Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara. This makes your trek even more interesting as you get to see snow and greenery on the same trek.

  1. Experience the spirituality of Hemkund to the most
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June is considered a peak season for the trek to Hemkund Sahib Gurudwara. So, during this time you will get to the religious fervour in full form and the spiritual essence can be totally felt in the air as throngs of pilgrims make their way to Hemkund, chanting the name of their gods.

  1. Ideal trekking conditions
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June offers a perfect blend of moderate temperatures and clear skies. The pleasant daytime weather makes it an ideal time for trekking and exploration. The melting snow reveals lush green meadows, allowing visitors to navigate the trails comfortably and experience the valley’s magic without the hindrance of snow-covered paths.

  1. Great time for photography
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Photographers find themselves in a visual paradise during June. The lack of rain and the play of sunlight on the vibrant flowers creates a beautiful landscape. From wide-angle shots capturing the valley’s expanse to macro photography of intricate blossoms, June offers endless opportunities for capturing the essence of the Valley of Flowers.

Flowers in June

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If you visit the Valley of Flowers in June, you will get to see quite a few varieties of flowers. During June you will see Marsh Marigolds, creeping woodsorrel, wild thyme, wild rose, yellow flax, smooth-leaf white violet, Indian Burberry, Himalayan strawberry and yellow star of Bethlehems.

Weather in June

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June is a good time to visit the Valley of Flowers as the region experiences moderate temperature and clear skies, thus creating an aidyllic settings for those who want a immersive experience.

So this was all about the Valley of Flowers in June. If your expectations of visiting the Valley of Flowers aligns with the reasons why June is a great time to visit the valley then you should definitely plan your Valley of Flowers Trek in this month. Visit the Valley of Fowers in June and witness a floral fantasy slowly come to life.