Back This summer choose Mountains over Beaches: Buran Ghati trek

This summer choose Mountains over Beaches: Buran Ghati trek


The Uttarayan has already tightened shoelaces and is on its way to hit us. The cozy warm sunrays and longer days come with the most cheerful season. As pleasant we assume the summer to be, in reality, it is burning hot in the cities. Many people tend to cage themselves in front of the cooler or under AC roofs. This may be soothing, but a really cool excursion is a must.

Although, amazing sunset over the quaint wavy ocean is serene, living near the ocean is somewhat painful. Beaches are humid and sunnier. For a moment of serenity, one has to sweat a lot, salty ocean water is itching plus the crowd and loud parties are annoying. Therefore the best option to avoid these hassles and get a cooler jaunt is trekking. The sunset and sunrise over never-ending ranges manifest a stunning spectacle. Mountains are calm, less crowded, inherently cool, and truly contemplating.

One such unique trail is Buran Ghati pass trek. One the less popular treks or to say, one the most underestimated treks. It is a complete package of snowy land, alpine lake, coniferous trees, vast meadows and the unexpected thrill of hanging on an ice-wall. Here is why you should choose Buran Ghati over beaches

Buran Ghati pass trek
  • Hang on an ice-wall at 15000 feet

The summit climb for Buran Ghati Pass is after crossing a steep ice-wall. Though the climb is feasible, the descent is not possible without a rope. The thrill of hanging to a rope, on 400 feet ice-wall at 15,000 feet can be never imagined.

Buran Ghati Pass
  • Not one, not two, six snow-fields

After the stunt of descending an ice-wall next come vast snow-fields. The first snow-stretch is 100 meters below the summit, followed by the other. Sliding on the snow ledges one can lose 3000 feet height in merely 2 hours.

  • Big fields of Dayara Bugyal

This is what makes trekking astounding. The contrasting snow-white patches and lush meadows can be encountered in one trip itself. Dayara, the world famous grazing grounds and the lively meadows will welcome you lavishly. Widespread as an ocean of grasses, flowers and animals are cherishing.

Big fields of Dayara Bugyal
  • Chandranahan glacial lake

Well, the lakes are not as big as the ocean but the experience of tranquility is stupendous. The lake lies flawlessly encircled by gleaming snow-patches. Tiny waterfalls around also feed water into the lake. The lake amplifies the elegance of the surrounding.

Simply one tour of the mountains offers coolness bestowed by the wonderful glaciers, snow-fields, lush green meadows and the silent water bodies. Far away from city commotion and mass travellers, Buran Ghati pass must be chosen over beaches.

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