The Green Cause: Trekking to Spread Eco-Awareness in the Himalayas

“Our society must move from ego-system to eco-system economics. This requires that we shift from ego-system silos to eco-system awareness that considers others and includes the whole.”


We feel the need for eco sensitivity strongly more than ever when encountering careless garbage disposal on our haunts in the mountains. As a contributor to increasing carbon footprint in the pristine nooks of the Himalayas, we have been feeling overwhelmingly guilty. Though we know our trekking methods to be pro-sustenance to a great extent, it hardly feels better, probably because, there is a more complex ethical question larking here—

On whom is the onus of cleaning the mountains, if not us?

The question answers itself and we have only one thing to do—get a move forward with our pro-earth thinking, start our own cleaning missions in the mountains and most importantly, make our trekkers count in it.

Previously this year, we had run special batches in support of the Green Trails initiative  on three majorly popular trek routes which were extremely polluted at the end of the season, expectedly. Now, in the wake of winter treks beginning in full fledge, we are launching one Green Trails batch for each of our treks running from November to March, trusting them with additional responsibilities to free the mountains of spoilage.

Green Trails Batch Code of Duty

Some points for deliberation could be—

-Availability of biodegradable wet wipes/ sanitary pads or tampons,

– Chances of rain water harvesting in campsites,

-Scopes of recycling plastic goods in remote Himalayan villages, etc.

We would extremely appreciate it if you do some research on these concerns before or after the trek and help us with practical advice.

The Operation

Our operation Green Trails to rid the mountain treks free of waste would be untenable without slight modifications in trekking logistics. Here is how we are going about it—

This is a rough sketch for managing non-biodegradable good primarily. For managing kitchen waste, human waste, and other biodegradable things, we will try to make compost pits on-site with the help of the locals. However, the success of this is doubtful with the prospect of heavy snow in the winter.

Let’s see what happens.

p.s.- We will be happy to give you a 10% discount on your trek price if you are joining any of our Green Trails batches