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Snow leopard Valley- Markha Valley trek

Life is all about experiencing new ideas and adding grace and charm. For this you need to explore new things from time to time. The real panorama of beauty is what I seen while trekking. I just wanted to share my views so that you also get the feel of exploring the nature beauty via trekking. Trek the Himalayas, the magnificent leader in trekking field are having the most supportive team. I just wanted to see the fabulous view of Great Himalayan region and Ladakh peaks. Trekking along the Markha River through Tibet plateau is the best inherited peak in world. Trails passes through willow orchard, alongside patches of natural roses and pallid canyons decked with multi-hued flowers and aroma heaving in the breeze.


Markha Valley Trek offers a wide variety of adventure from base region to plateau. Climbing up the high mountain passes, while crossing the Markha river at numerous points trace along the sheer rocky mass gives an exciting feeling. After the preliminary period of accommodation to high altitude in Leh I explored the main attraction of Ladakh Valley which looks very striking. After reaching plain area we sat down and viewed lovely picturesque seen and snapshot some great pictures to keep them safe for whole life. After capturing good moments I and my team followed further and moved to Henis National Park where I can see wild dears and Sheep’s grazing the paddock.


I thoroughly was enjoying the outlook of the nature and mountain ranges and big valleys with spectacular landscapes. Nimaling is an idyllic flat terrain peak covered all over with greenery grasses and Markha valley was adjoining further. Trekking in Leh is a great audacious movement whose charisma will always profound in my mind. The decision of going on trek was a best decision of my life and I enjoyed the blossom and fantasy of the plateau region. This all was possible with the help of Trek the Himalayas team who supported me in every manner and was very much professional also. The innumerable moment of this lovely track had swallowed my inner soul and awe spring nature, blossom of flowers, lovely deep valleys will remembered in my mind forever.