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Rent and make Himalayan Trekking Easy

Trekking has always been an expensive adventure sport in India which may sometimes burn a hole in one’s pocket with the amount of investment that it demands. We surely understand the amount of money that a trekker has to put in before his/her first Himalayan trek. Quite frequently, we’ve been getting a lot of queries regarding the kind of equipment that is required for your first Himalayan trek. A large group of first-time trekkers are a bit sceptical about spending a bomb, maybe because they aren’t sure of having a second shot at trekking. Which is quite acceptable.

What we would rather suggest our trekkers is that they rent the necessary equipment be it apparel or any other trek gear before their first Himalayan trek. Renting your trekking gear also allows you to save a lot on your time and money and also gives you a clearer picture for your future adventures.

Here’s a list of the important trekking gear that you need to rent before your first Himalayan Trek:


When it comes to choosing your trekking shoes, it is surely is not less than a matchmaking process. Before you tie the knot, please make sure they’re a perfect fit. At times, there are high-end brands which promise you a lot but fail to deliver the goods. And on the other hand, you will find a not so renowned brand offering you the ideal shoes.

To start off with, a trekking shoe must have a good sole which will help you maintain your balance on different mountain terrains. Depending on the difficulty of the trek it is important that the shoe matches your requirements. The other important thing which you should keep in mind before purchasing trekking shoes is to look out for ankle support. Ankle support proves to be vital as it comforts your ankle and reduced chances of an ankle sprain. Investing in a good quality trekking shoe will always have its benefits and will surely make your trek a comfortable experience.

Rent your trekking shoes 

Windproof Jacket

A windproof jacket is a must on any Himalayan trek. You will find end number of brands which are

selling various windproof jackets with different features.  It is important to look out for a windproofjacket which is comfortable and will keep you protected from harsh wind patterns. 

Some of the windproof jackets also have a fleece layering from the inside which helps in keeping your body warm. It is recommended that

Rent your windproof jacket  

Fleece jacket 

Fleece jacket is a must if you are going on a high altitude trek where there is a snowfall expected. It is a perfect layer which goes well under your down jacket and protects you from harsh winters. Wear your fleece jacket on your thermal layer and top it up with your down jacket/ feather jacket to enjoy a wonderful winter trek experience.

Rent your Fleece jacket  

Down jacket/ Hollofil Jacket

The outermost upper layer on your Himalayan trek will be that of a Down jacket/ Hollofil Jacket. A down jacket provides the perfect warmth that is needed in frosty condition on a high altitude trek in the Himalayas. There are a lot of varieties in a down jacket so it is advisable to check them according to the warmth that is offers depending on the cold outside.

Rent your Down Jacket

Rain Poncho

Trust me! A rain poncho is a real life saviour and you can thank me later for this. Rain patterns are pretty much unpredictable in the mountains so it is important to be prepared for it in advance. There are a lot of varieties of ponchos that you will find in the market but make sure that it restricts the water from seeping in.

Rent your Rain Poncho

Walking Stick/ Trekking pole 

Walking stick plays a vital role while trekking and also helps you by saving a lot of energy while walking. Before buying a walking stick it is important to check out the tip of the stick which shouldn’t be pointed, which will not allow you to grip properly. It is necessary that your stick has the anti-shock system lock which helps you to avoid shocks on harder surfaces thus allowing you to get a better grip.

Rent your walking stick


Trekking in the Himalayas can sometimes take a huge toll on your body if the weight on your back isn’t evenly distributed. Investing in a good quality backpack is a must for a hassle-free trek. You will have to choose your backpack depending on the number of days of your trek as it is important that you shouldn’t be carrying extra weight for a short trek as the overload can later cause you problems.

An ideal backpack should have proper cushioning for your back and shouldn’t be hard on your shoulders which allows them to move freely. The straps should be easily manageable for any emergencies. So the next time when you go for buying or renting your backpack don’t forget to look out for the above points.

Rent your backpack

Head Torch 

Another essential gear that you’ll be needing for your first Himalayan trek is the head torch. A head torch is essential on treks that have to be summited after sunset or before sunrise. We’ve also been getting a lot of queries regarding what to carry on a trek, a head torch or a hand torch? We have always recommended trekkers to carry a head torch as it is much more convenient than a hand torch.

Rent your head torch

We at TTH always want our trekkers to have a good experience on their trek and It is always advisable to get the right gear and equipment before your first Himalayan trek. Click for Rent Himalayan Gear.

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