Back Postpone everything and go for the ultimate, Stok Kangri

Postpone everything and go for the ultimate, Stok Kangri

Gradually, Stok Kangri is becoming the most famous peak in India. With the right kind of marketing, all have eyes on this peak. Well, it should be at the top. It rightfully deserves all the acknowledgement. Many of you might wonder, why is Stok Kangri becoming as popular as Everest or why should you try it. The answer is because it is there. Because it is the ultimate…

1. Trek to the highest possible

With the soaring height of 6150 meters, Stok Kangri is one of the highest trek-able peak in India. As high as 6000 meters, Ladakh offers the most stunning peak for hikers. Due to its height benefit, many mountaineers attempting Everest, practice on Stok Kangri to increase their endurance.

2. Climb this and everything will be proved
If it is high, it will be difficult! We all know as the height increases our body faces immense challenges of low pressure and low oxygen. Only the fittest can be triumphant in this test. Once you are on the path to Stok Kangri it will be a test of your strength. Not only physical but mental strength will be scrutinized.

Mental we say because in moments of tiredness your mind must be strong enough to force you to continue. On the contrary, when you are totally exhausted your mind must give a practical decision to STOP and return back.

3. The road to success is small
If you have noticed most of the treks are trails to the base of a peak. It is because higher Himalayas are enclosed by lower Himalayas. This keeps them aloof from the road head and less accessible. The perfect example is Everest. Before actually climbing the peak, one has to complete 6-8 days EBC trek to only reach to the peak. Fortunately, Stok Kangri is closer to the motorable roads and is easily approachable.

4. Big fat Indian peak in fewer days
Being easily accessible makes the itinerary short. In merely 8 days you can have 6000er peak bagged. Once you arrive at Leh, in another 6 days you return back to Leh with a successful climbing expedition. It is a hasty hike without long leaves, unlike other climbing expeditions. Additionally, you get a golden opportunity to explore Leh on the second day.

Check out our Downhill cycling activity to tour around Leh without straining body. The cheapest way to explore Leh.

5. Save and earn a 6000er
Less number of days automatically reduces the overall cost of a trip. Stok Kangri is ultimately the cheapest 6000-meter peaks.

6. It is unique
It is in Leh, it is unique! Leh resembles a shade of the Himalayas that is not greener. Though the grass, not greener that side, you would want to live that life. Dramatic brownish mountains crowned with snow, Leh mountains are exceptional. Stok Kangri is a gateway into this mindblowing arid world. Standing on the top of Stok Kangri, you get to feel the liveliness of this cold dessert.

In conclusion, if you think you are fit enough then you must climb Stok Kangri. You can plan other things in life after you have earned the ultimate!

Written BY
Nutan Shinde
TTH Offical Content Writer