Back Place of Lamas- Stok Kangri Climb

Place of Lamas- Stok Kangri Climb

It was the altitude of Stok Kangri that attracts me the most. When at first I heard about the expedition at the height of 20180 ft, the first word that came from me was impossible.  But after a lot of research and planning I finally make up my mind to go on this trek. I came to know about the Trek the Himalayas Company. I logged into their site and found that they make all the arrangements regarding your trekking expedition. So, I request them to plan my journey as per my specifications.


My first day of trekking in Leh starts with reaching at the airport of Leh. The climate was superb with the cold breeze keeping us remind of chilly temperature every minute. On the way, the scenery was so beautiful that I could not stop myself clicking plenty of photographs. Reaching at Mankorma was very tiring, and the last half an hour was really killing. From here, everyone in my group started the real feel of height and thin oxygen. From the Mankaorma camp, we viewed Stok Kangri peak, and that was simply amazing. A river was flowing besides our camp. I casually put my hand and gosh..the water was icy cold. Our guide was very well-informed man. He trained us about all the natural misfortunes one can experience while trekking.  While remembering his safety points in my mind, I went to sleep. Next morning we left for trekking to Stok Kangri.


On the way, I saw many marmots that made me remind of squirrel. From the route onwards, I viewed the mighty Stok Kangri top and on the other side I saw the huge beautiful glacier. But reaching there was the most difficult task of my life. After resting for some time, I feel good and then I continued my expedition. We walk for around 3 hours and then we reached at our final destination. Standing at the ridge of Stok Kangri was the most beautiful experience of my life. One can see from top that the natural exquisiteness is present in every corner of the place. We captured so many amazing shots as if everybody wants to take the beauty home with them. Nobody wanted to leave such magnificent place, but it was also necessary to return the Base Camp before the night falls, so, with heavy hearts, we descend from the summit. Trekking in Himalayas is definitely something which everyone must try once in life.