Back Our Top Picks Of Summer Treks in Indian Himalayas

Our Top Picks Of Summer Treks in Indian Himalayas

With the winter first all around,  do you find yourself eagerly anticipating the warmth of summer? Are you yearning to witness the transformation of everything that stood still, thawing under the gentle caress of the summer sun? In the Himalayan slopes, summer heralds a spectacle of melting snow, vibrant valleys adorned with an array of wildflowers, melodious tunes of exotic birds, and a night sky painted with a celestial wonder. With the sun’s radiance, trees burst forth with leaves, animals emerge from their hibernation, and life reawakens amidst the embrace of summer. A retreat amidst the grandeur of the Himalayas during summer seems like a wonderful escape, isn’t it?

Summer marks the peak season for treks, offering an opportunity to explore the picturesque landscapes of the Himalayas. Frequently, trekkers ponder a common question – which summer trek is the best? Well, fret not, as we have curated a selection of the most enchanting summer treks that promise to captivate every adventurer!

For those yearning for a shift from snowy escapades to lush greenery, it’s time to plan your summer adventure from our curated list of favourite summer treks. Each trek offers a unique experience. This summer, brace yourself for an exploration of the pristine landscapes of the Himalayan mountains! Here are our topic picks for summer treks in India.

Treks in Uttarakhand



Along Lord Curzon’s trail in the Garhwal Himalayas, Pangarchulla Trek is perfect for mountaineering enthusiasts. Reaching an altitude of 14,700 ft, this trek culminates with a beautiful Himalayan panorama of majestic peaks like Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Hati-Ghori and Barmal among others. If you want a power-packed climb to the summit, this is the right choice for you!

Phulara Ridge

Phulara Ridge Trek

Starting from the picturesque village of Sankri, the Phulara Ridge trek takes you to the top of a ridge at 12,150 ft. walking on the ridge allows you to appreciate the stupendous Himalayan views for a long time. Along the trek, the Pushtara and Bhoj Gadi meadows are two scenic campsites that you will come across. From the summit, you get to enjoy striking views of Bandarpoonch, Kalanag, Swarfarohini, Devkyara, Kedarkantha Peak and more.

Gaumukh Tapovan

Gaumukh Tapovan

The Gaumukh Tapovan treks takes one to the source of the river Ganges at the Gaumukh glacier. The trek starts from the pilgrim town of Gangotri and is a raging visual thrill-fest with rising mountain behemoths such as Bhagirathi Twin Peaks and Mount Meru besides the ever-present Mt. Shivling. The sheer magnificence of nature and the spiritual aura of in this trek will leave you speechless.

Kedar Tal

Kedar Tal

Cradled at an altitude of 15,500 ft amidst the Himalayn landscape, Kedartal is one of the most enchanting glacial lakes. The serene lake is surrounded by gigantic mountain peaks like Manda, Bhagirathi, Gangotri, Bhrigupanth, Mt. Meru and Thalaysagar.  The route to Kedartal may be a little challenging but the views of snow-covered peaks and the lush green valleys en route are simply breathtaking. 

Har Ki Doon

Har Ki Doon Trek

Located in the western flank of the Garhwal Himalayas, Har Ki Doon is the perfect blend of adventure and mysticism. The trail takes you through the beautiful Har ki Doon Valley which literally translates to ‘Valley of Gods’. Cross ancient villages like Osla and Gangad that speak of the rich cultural heritage of the region and all along the trek the monumentous Swargarohini peak keeps you company.

Rupin Pass 

Rupin Pass

A classic trek of India, Rupin has long attracted the attention of adventure enthusiasts. Throughout your trek, you will enjoy panoramic views of Mt. Kailash. The trail takes you from hanging villages and then plunges into the dense pine forests. You enjoy glacial meadows, snow bridges, glacial valleys, snowfields, and waterfalls. The stunning scenery and the culture and traditions of the charming Himalayan villages make Rupin Pass worth exploring.

Bali Pass

Bali Pass Trek

An offbeat yet challenging trek in Uttarkashi district, Bali Pass is perched at an altitude of 16,200 ft. Along the trail will cross beautiful locations like the Ruinsara Tal, Har Ki Doon Valley, Osla Village, and the Mystical Yamunotri Dham – one of the Char Dhams. The Bali Pass connects the Har ki Doon valley to the Ruinsara Valley and you will see a drastic change of scenery from lush greenery to an alpine zone. 

Treks in Himachal

Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake Trek

A trek to Bhrigu Lake is a wonderful walk through sprawling green meadows to a glacial lake and the lovely scenery is framed by the majestic Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar Ranges.  Located near Manali, it is one of the most captivating short treks in Himachal. In the early summer months, the lake appears blue in colour and in the late summer, the lake turns  emerald green. It’s a 4 -day trek that will soothe your senses and fill you with peace!

Sar pass

Sar Pass

Sar Pass is a beautiful trek in Himachal Pradesh that encompasses a diverse range of terrains. What sets this trek apart is it’s unique feature – the possibility of snow even in summer months. he trek runs through Parvati Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys of Himachal. The entire trek is a captivating medley of forests, meadows, and gurgling streams. It is the ideal getaway from the monotony of city life!

Buran Ghati

Buran Ghati

A beautiful pass trek in Himachal, Buran Ghati Trek is filled with vivid natural beauty. At every step of the way, the scenery changes on the trek adding a sense of wonder to your journey. The beautiful Chandernahan Lake that remains frozen all year round adds to its scenic beauty. Whether you are a nature lover or seeking a thrilling journey, Buran Ghati is a must-do trek for you.

Treks in Sikkim


Goechala Trek

Goechala Trek in Sikkim strikes a perfect balance between thrill and natural beauty. The trek to Goechala takes you to an altitude of 15000 ft and along the way, you get to enjoy mesmerizing views of Mt. Kanchenjunga from up close. There’s also the soothing Samiti Lake, the epic sunrise view from Dzongri and camping at the scenic Thangshing campsite at the base of Mt. Pandim. The main highlight of the trek during summer is undoubtedly the Rhododendron blooms that paint the slopes in crimson and add to the charm of the trek.

Trekking in summer is a beautiful adventure as you get to see the Himalayas in their most colourful and verdant forms. This summer enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the mountains with a special 10% discount on a select few treks. Visit our website to check out the discounts. Go plan your summer adventure now!