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Kuari Pass Trek

HIMALAYA – The Kuari Pass Summit @ 13000ft
Himalaya – is it only a mountain range ? or it’s a world in itself !

PC. Naveen Rana

A brief of my 8 days beautiful journey in Himalaya.
With the hope that, somebody will read, who has mountain affinity.
We might have seen Himalaya in movies, in poems, on tourist places, in our comfort zone !
But its not limited to that, it does have a wild angle, it does have Gigantic, prodigious, titanic form.
When we go in its wild zone, we find that we are no where in front of him.
Its well said in hindi,
“अगर येपहाड अपनी एक करवट बदल दे, तो मनुष्य जाती का अस्तित्त्व ही खतम हो जाये ! ”

The first,
by various means(Rail, Air, Road) we reached Rishikesh.
Rishikesh – The ultimate spiritual place, where you can spend your whole life, in seeking peace of
Despite visiting many of times, I still feel magnetism at that place.
The next day evening, we reached JOSHIMATH(JYOTIRMATH) by road @6000ft, by experiencing the
complete mountainous journey.
We spent 12hrs to cover 250km. During all the way to joshimath, we could see the various
development activities by Govt., the main activity was the MOUNTAIN BREAKING AT ALL THE PLACES
to make way for “4 – Dham Yatra” road, The TIHRI DAM PROJECT – one of worlds highest altitude
built project.
Here, I could not figure our that, whether we should appreciate the Govt. for development for
people pilgrimages/tourism, or we should criticize the Govt. for disturbing the Nature & inviting
more natural calamities like Kedarnath & The recent devastation of The Dhauliganga project(By
NTPC). The next day we started our actual trek from JOSHIMATH.
By passing couple of small villages, the devasted DHAULIGANGA PROJECT & by taking glimpse of
Snowy mountains, we reached our 1st base camp @ GULLING TOP. It was chilled place(even at

PC. Vatsal Shah

After enjoying lunch & various sport activities, we finished our day in warm sleeping bags, inside our
With the beautiful sunrise from the Himalaya, we started our next day journey towards 2nd Base
Camp @ TALI FOREST, @10000ft.
Now on the day by passing tallest pine forest, the wall nut trees, the small dead snow patches, we
reached our camp site. Here we got another surprise of un-expected heavy snowfall. It did last for
another 3 days with some minor pauses.
It was real adventure here,
in such snowfall, we had to do all our activities;
setting up our tents, having meals, and of course spending sleepless nights.
Some of sport freaks from us even played cricket there !
The next day was the SUMMIT DAY !

PC. Shreyans

It was everybody’s physical as well as mental test that day.
Being on height above 12000ft, that too in windy weather & continuous snowfall, one had to ascend.
It was a task for all.
Somebody is falling by sleeping his leg on snow, somebody’s leg is dropping suddenly as deep as 3ft
in the snow was the normal scene that day.
Due to high altitude, there was low oxygen level, so everybody had to ascend in such extreme
weather with the background of 3 sleepless nights. After every 5-10 min of exhaustive walk
everybody had to take pause to regain the energy/oxygen. Many of us could not summit & returned
to last base camp for the day.
Pushing yourself on physical & mental ground was the key for the summit that day.
After crossing all the barriers we did SUMMIT that day @13000ft altitude. Its an achievement.
(being having experience of treks in WESTERN GHATS was far different than having Trek in Himalaya,
hence for a fresher in Himalaya, it’s an achievement) Now that was not enough, we again faced a COMPLETE WHITE-OUT(The combination of strong winds & heavy snowfall), where one can not see even after a feet. You need to look down, push your limits & keep walking.
For the distance of 5km up & down, we took around 10hrs.
The descend was comparatively easy, some how we reached base camp.
Next day we begun our down trail & in evening reached back to JOSHIMATH facility safely.
Overall it was a life learning experience for all of us.

Govind Zawar