Back In the Soul of Himalayas

In the Soul of Himalayas

     In the soul of Himalayas, met my Soul mate, Bagini Galcier Trek

The summer of 2013, a journey I would never forget in seven lifetimes. Yes, it sounds clichéd but that’s what love is; a beautiful Clichéd All my life I knew only one thing that whatever I do in future, I should always dedicate a very special portion of my life to adventure and sports. Whether be it biking, para sailing or trekking, adventure has always been a growing part of my life. I’m biased to trekking, because reaching new heights and exploring the unknown always gives me the thrills.

I wanted my life partner to be a jolly-go-lucky type or someone who preferred the outdoors than the indoors. Well I received better than what I had expected and it all started on 10th may 2013 when I and family had gone for one of the Himalayan treks, Bagini Glacier Trek.

base camp trek 1

Every summer, I and few of my cousins go for a mandatory trekking expedition. We always choose trek the himalayas as our trekking coordinator since they are the best in the state. That summer my mom and dad decided to join us to visit Haridwar; hence we chose the Bagini Glacier trek as it starts at Haridwar. I didn’t know that my dad’s friend’s family would also be there. Anyway, we reached Haridwar and dad introduced me to his friend and his daughter Anaida, a shy girl. I was not very impressed to meet her as she hardly interacted. Dad insisted us to take her along to the trek.

Reluctantly, we agreed and the following day we started the most wondrous journeys of my life. Our first destination was Jumma through Joshimath village. I tried to speak to Anaida, but she looked quite content to stare out at the rolling landscapes passing by us. She looked radiant.  The trek on foot commenced from Jumma to Ruing village. The locale was so magnifying and eye catchy that I did not take notice of the sudden change in Anaida, the minute she started walking. Gone was the Shy, under-confident girl; the look on her face clearly reflected my own mind; it seemed as if the mountains were calling us to reach out to it.

bagini 2

As soon as we reached Ruin Village, she showed a flamboyant energy and started regaling to me about the trek, the locals, and the gorgeous Dhauliganga river we crossed. She was ahead of us exploring the landscapes and absorbing the fullness of it throughout the trek. I was amazed; I never knew another soul who would enjoy something like trekking as much as I would. But indeed, the trail, the mountains, the patch of green meadows were contagiously glorifying.

On the third day, on way to Dronagiri Mountain, I made an attempt to talk to her. Apparently and surprisingly, she had already been to the trek quite a number of times. Also, trekking was her passion, in fact more than what I feel for it. She said she never was bored to repeat the same treks time and again. She felt kinship with the serene Himalayan Mountains. She said the passion was invoked by our organizer, Rakesh Pant, who is a trekking genius and a true inspiration.

bagini 3

The last 4 days of the trek I found myself drawing to her un-daunting pleasure of trekking. We started taking competitions and reached the Bagini Glacier together holding hands. It seemed so natural, we both and the peaks of Changbang, Kalnka, Gori, Rishi etc.

We shared our trekking journeys and lot more common passions at the Bagini Base camp. The return journey though was sad, I had a hope that I will see many more treks in the future along with this vibrant lady by my side.

Written By,
Tushar Malik
(Writer & Photographer)