Back How we achieved more than 90% summit rate on Stok Kangri

How we achieved more than 90% summit rate on Stok Kangri

No doubt Stok Kangri is the Everest of India. Of course, due to its fame as the highest trekkable peak and commercial marketing, it is by far the most popular trek of India. With its increasing demand, many trekking agencies and local groups have hopped on. They are offering Stok Kangri Expedition at the lowest possible price to attract people. Every person has its own right to grab the business, especially if there are is demand in the market. We cannot talk for them, but we can definitely and boastfully say that we keep the safety of our trekkers over the business.

2018 was a fruitful year for us, mainly for Stok Kangri trek. In 2018 we saw more than 90% of the summit rate. We made some rudimentary changes in our process and we are happy this yielded good results. And these modifications are,
1. Only the fittest survive
As we know there are thousands of trekkers querying about Stok Kangri every year. It has virally driven every trekker’s mind. Even a novice trekker dreams of Stok Kangri. Dreaming of it is alright, but they want to summit it immediately. Stok Kangri is a difficult trek and its height is a crucial part. Prior experience of at least a moderate level trek is beneficiary. This helps the most when trekker is unwell and is asked to head downward. An experienced trekker realizes the perilous situation and obeys Trek Leader’s decision. Therefore, we primarily ruled out all the first-timers.
We then made sure they are actively involved in physical activities for about a year. We ask for certificates/references to prove how they are keeping themselves physically fit. Be it a marathon runner, cyclist, gym freak or regular trekker, we interview all of them. Only when we think the person is fit enough to handle all the risks, we accept their registration.
2. The Less the more
Summit is optional, coming back is mandatory, is our goal. We give safety first priority than anything else. We also believe customer retention more than increasing customer count. Therefore, instead of mass filling the batches, we keep a limited count of 20-25 member in a batch. If there are more trekkers then we break them into groups with whole new staff for every group. Limiting the number of trekkers in one batch makes it easy to concentrate on every trekker’s well being.
3. Great team means great work
Pertaining to the high risks, our each and every staff is worried about this trek. Therefore, our staff itself volunteers to make Stok Kangri a successful season. We make sure our skilled staff is posted for Stok Kangri. We also keep some support team members at the base in case of emergency situations. We also try to increase the count of Trek Leaders, Assistant Trek Leaders depending on the progress of the trekkers.
4. Continuous communication
Mountains are unpredictable. However, strong, prepared, skilled, one is anything can happen. We are, therefore, constantly in touch with our team. Right from the Base Camp Manager, Trek Leaders, guide, cook, back in the office, we keep ourselves aware of the running batches. We remain active throughout the season, we make sure we are all ready for instant help.
These seem really small modifications in our process, but they have eventually led to the big outcome. That is the reason why our batches for 2019 are getting filled fast. So, if you think you are experienced, you are the fittest, only then register for Stok Kangri with us. Because we are planning to keep 90% and more summit rate every year.