How to trek from home in the time of COVID-19

One can't really believe how the events turned out in the past few days. The entire world has literally stopped over one crisis. We as human beings are elite machines designed for continuous work and never stopping. Suddenly when forcibly we are asked to stop and rest, we find it extremely difficult to follow. Especially, when the most desired trip of the year, a well-planned Himalayan trek gets postponed it is even more disheartening. People come to the mountains to find solutions to their problems, what to do when mountains are also closed? 

Certainly, the sudden trek cancellation is demotivating but does that mean we can't imagine about it? Of course, we can and therefore, today we shall tell you How we as humans must also take some time off so that machine does not wear out. How you can trek from home!

Go through your previous trek memories

Yes, open that folder that was lying untouched. Laugh at your funny trekking pictures. Appreciate the lovely mountains. Feel proud that you made it through the trek. Be grateful that you have this precious time to cherish your emerald moments. 

If you think those memories could light up somebody else's mood, share them with us. And we shall share with the world. To share your trek pictures, click here :

While going these memories if you wish to express that mindblowing journey through blogs, paintings, poems, videos, do share them with us. 

Even if you hadn't trekked before, go through our Instagram page and feel the mountains. 


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Prepare for the trek 

One thing we all need to understand is that the treks are only postponed. That does not mean they can never happen. We are only in the 3rd month of the year, there is enough time to plan or re-schedule your cancelled trek. So make the most of the time and do not stop preparing for the trek.

Our focus is on physical strength. Go back to your gym routine or running or yoga. Try to work out at home. There are innumerable videos on how to train at home without the gym equipment. Many of our trekkers complain that due to office and family they never get time to train for the trek. Well now is the time! Get to workout, get fit!

Live the mountains through books and movies

This digital age has made the world smaller and brought mountains closer. The online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube are filled with fantastic movies and documentaries on mountains and adventure life. You can also check out informative video channels on HOW-TO trek topics. Read and educate yourself about Acute Mountain Sickness, Trekking techniques, getting stronger, mental strength, athlete life stories, history/mythology of the Himalayas. Try to research and find the story behind the trek you are going next. 

Learn and inculcate as much as possible about the dear mountains. So when you are in the mountains, you know them well. You know everything about them. We bet our Trek Leaders will also be intrigued to comprehend your knowledge. 

We are with you

Yes, last but not the least, Trek The Himalayas is with you. Leaving behind our tensions of wages of our local guides, cooks, porters, financial losses, we are still motivated and eagerly waiting for the new season to come. We are focusing on making our team, even more, stronger now.  We are using our time off to prepare ourselves also. Our Trek Leaders are resting and revising their skills, our office staff is brainstorming on how to reinvent and compensate for the lost summertime. We all are enjoying our little time off to work day night when you all come again!

Remind yourself, postponed trek does not mean it can never happen. It will happen and be back with a bang!

Enjoy your time with spouse, kids, parents, siblings. Stay motivated, stay happy and trek from home!