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Things you should make a note of before choosing a trekking company

How important is it to choose a good trekking agency? What are the points that you should consider before booking with a particular trekking company? One of the most common mistakes which our fellow trekkers commit is that they only compare the trek cost which different agencies have to offer. Do you actually come to know how good a company is just by comparing the trek cost? There are a whole lot of things which trekkers should consider before zeroing down on that one agency which they would go ahead with. There is a big pool of trekking companies out there, promising you a lot of things. As a trekker, you expect that your vacation should be a memorable one and allowing the right agency to serve you should be one of your topmost priorities.

Some Tips on Choosing the Best Trekking Company are as follows:

1) Government License and Registration

One of the most important things is to check if the company has a government license and is registered with at least one of these organizations: Ministry of Tourism, Indian Mountaineering Foundation and Adventure Tour Operators Association of India. Although it is an important point to check for, it doesn’t guarantee that you will have the best experience but at the same time, it provides some assurance.

2) Trek Cost 

There shouldn’t be any hidden charges which the trekkers have to bare after registration for a particular trek. Most importantly, the company should be professional and straightforward in its communication. Trekkers need to make a note that, It isn’t necessary that a particular company is good with its work ethics just because the trek cost is on the lower side. Same applies when the trek cost is on the higher side.

3) Experience of the staff

Talking about experience, it is important that the company you’re trekking with has professional trek leaders who are qualified with basic or professional mountaineering courses. It is also important to know the strength of the company, how experienced is a particular trek leader with a trail. Trekkers should definitely ask these questions while booking with a trekking company. Not only the outdoor team, It is also important that the people working behind the scenes are well educated about Ttrekking in the Himalayas. With the help of a strong core team, it becomes easy to guide the outdoor team.

4) Experience of the Company

When it comes to the experience of a particular Trekking company it is important to check the background of the founders of the company. What made them come up with it? What was the main motive behind it? Going through such details gives you an outline of the company and keeps you informed about the pros and cons. You should also be aware of the tenure of the company, which gives you an idea of how experienced it is.

5) Using environment-friendly techniques

One of the most crucial things is that the company should be willing to use environment-friendly techniques to carry on their trade. There should be a sense of awareness when it comes to working towards the betterment of the surroundings in the mountains. Nothing should be done at the cost of disturbing the balance of the ecosystem.

6) Safety standards and equipment

Most important things which people tend to ignore is the safety standards which a particular company offers. When it comes to the safety and the quality of equipment used while trekking, the companies should be transparent about it. If not high-end equipment, they should at least guarantee you basic safety in the mountains.

It’s your duty to be a responsible trekker and to find out which company is serving for the betterment of the trekkers. Make sure that the company works for the welfare of the staff and works towards minimizing the negative impact on our eco-system

7) Going with Trekking portal or Trek organiser 

There are two types of agencies in the trade, Trekking Portals and Trekking organisers.  Trekking portal are those companies which outsource the bookings to other trekking organisers in return they charge a fixed commission. They also have to follow the fixed terms and conditions while outsourcing to the trekking companies. Trekking organisers have the flexibility when it comes to the dates, batches and refunds whereas Portal depend on the trekking agencies which doesn’t allow them to be flexible. It’s always advisable to do trek with a trek organisers.

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