Back Why is Har Ki Doon Trek the perfect choice for a first-timer?

Why is Har Ki Doon Trek the perfect choice for a first-timer?

  • Situated at an altitude of 11667 ft, Har Ki Doon is one of the easiest treks of the Garhwal region. The altitude, as compared to other peaks, is not very much. And this is the main reason for first-timers to join the trek.Har-ki-doon-trek
  • It encompasses all the pristine beauty of Himalayan region and does not require prior experience of trekking.


  • A few other treks provide a beautiful view of glaciers at such a low altitude.
  • The whole route is well defined with a number of wooden and cemented bridges that facilitate the trekkers in crossing tricky water body crossings.
  • The complete trek from the starting point till the end is covered with deep forests and meadows to make your journey smooth and comfortable.


  • The trek offers a series of gradual incline and level hikes. The trail has very few steep ascents and, for this reason, the trekkers get the opportunity to explore a true Himalayan trek.
  • The trekkers are usually amazed to see the variety of flora and fauna here. The lush green land with striking coniferous forest is a treat for the first-time trekkers.
  • As previous experience of Himalayan trekking is not requisite for this trek you can appreciate the beautiful route that is quite manageable and not high on gradient without much preparation.


  • The lush green meadows offer a soft carpet to take rest, after the walk.
  • Unlike any other trek you will find is pleasurable and enjoyable climate all through the year.

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Photos By:- Vibhor Agrawal and Sourabh Chauhan