Back Capturing the peaks at Pin Parvati Pass trek

Capturing the peaks at Pin Parvati Pass trek

Trekking in Manali is breath taking and gives abundant opportunities for a trekking enthusaist. Pin Parvati Pass trek offers a beautiful trail that soothes your eyes. Strolling in the foothills of Himalaya for just a couple of kilometers gives you a glimpse diverse sceneries and views. The hide and seek of cloudy and sunny weather adds a facet of fun to the trekking experience. Capturing the majestic peaks at an elevation of 5319 meters is a blend of snow capped mountains and bounty of nature.
Covering 12-day trek, it’s a challenging hike where the journey starts from the green wood to an unfathomable glade of the valley and finishes with lovely cloisters and desolate scenes.

Must visited place for avid trekkers:

Offering pristine beauty, it is quite a challenging trekking peak. It’s a must on the top of the list of trekkers who dream to capture new heights at every step. It has absolute serenity that makes you wonder about the expanse of the majestic Himalayas. It is an enjoyable trek meant to be covered mainly in the month of July to September.

Pin valley trek turns the trekking journey more adventurous with mountain passes at high altitude, due to which it stands out among a lot of other Himalayan Treks. The whole experience is made even more memorable by making videos and letting the trek turn into a journey to be cherished forever.

Majestic atmosphere and nature beauty:

Covering the majestic beauty in Himachal Pradesh, the Parvati valley and Pin valley of Kullu and Spiti respectively are known as Pin Parvati Trek. It offers the tranquil beauty of snowfield areas, rocky bridges, vibrant colors of small hilly flowers and vast expanse of natural ambience. The weather keeps on changing and delivers high altitude experience that creates unforgettable memories. Camping and trekking activities across Himalayas brings creates an attachment to the mountains and admiration of the Himalayas.

Local market and Food:

After the trek, people also enjoy a local tour of Manali town. The local market especially Mall road offers handpicked decorative items which are carried with the trekkers as the remembrance.
Pin Parvati Pass impresses every individual and is doubles the joy of attaining new heights.
Every journey to the Himalayan ranges brings zeal and enthusiasm of trekking. If you have a list of places for trekking then trekking to Pin Parvati must be at the top!