Back Best Family Treks To Bond With Your Loved Ones & Mother Nature

Best Family Treks To Bond With Your Loved Ones & Mother Nature

Growing up I always remember fighting with my sibling about anything and everything. Until one summer, when our parents decided to take us on a trip to the mountains of North East India. Far away from human sounds and habitations, it was just the four of us. Away from all kinds of distractions, my brother and I had just each other to play with. We would make up little games along the course of the trip and before I knew it, my brother who was always taking the mickey out of me back home had somehow become my favourite companion. Facing challenges together somehow brought us closer, and rather than fighting we started depending on each other and trusting each other.

In the wild outdoors we had no option but to rely on one another, which deepened our bond greatly. That’s the power of the outdoors, it can bring you closer as a family and you get to learn a lot of new things about each other. It can be a profound learning experience for everyone.

In recent years, I’ve observed an emerging inclination of families to trek together and I cannot explain to you how wonderful it makes me feel! Participating in an adventure is a great opportunity to bond as a family and especially if you have kids it can teach them lasting lessons of resilience, teamwork, confidence and leadership. It is a great opportunity to introduce your little ones to the outdoors and have meaningful human experiences. So, if you’re one of those individuals who want to take their family on an adventure then kudos to you!

I have handpicked some of the best family adventures where you will get ample opportunities to spend quality time with your family and enjoy some family fun! Read on to find out.

Dayara Bugyal 

Location: Uttarakhand

Duration: 6 Days

Dayara Bugyal is one of the best-suited treks for families. An easy to moderate trail where you just have to walk 3 to 4 hrs every day. It is a promising trail that offers picturesque views of snow-clad Himalayan mountains. You will walk through dense forests and vibrant meadows. For anyone who wishes to introduce their kids to the mountains for the first time, this trek is the ideal choice. A stroll down the undulating meadows and an amazing family picnic with the snow-ensconced Bandarpoonch in the backdrop is just the perfect getaway for your family!

Har Ki Doon

Location: Uttarakhand

Duration: 7 Days

It would not be wrong if I said that Har Ki Doon is one of the most beautiful valleys of the Western Himalayas. It is a great choice when you are planning to introduce your kids to the abundant beauty of nature. The journey follows through one of the oldest trekking trails of the country and you get to witness a 2000-year-old village that speaks of the ancient culture and heritage. The spewing riverbeds, the alpine meadows, the pine forests, and the moraine ridges unfold the beauty of the Himalayas like never before!

Chopta Chandrashila

Location: Uttarakhand

Duration: 5 Days

What can I say about this trek, everything about this trek is a wonderful reason why you should go on this trek. A beautiful journey that takes you through an alpine lake, a warm cover of Rhododendron trees, one of the highest Shiva shrines in the world and the Chandrashila vantage point that is sure to leave one mesmerized with the Himalayan mountain panorama. Chopta Chandrashila trail is an amazing option for bird lovers too! Along the trail, you may spot various avian species of Himalayan origin!

Ladakh Multisports Adventure

Location: Ladakh

Duration: 8 days

Culture and adventure sports are the soul of Ladakh and its natural beauty is simply indescribable. Leh-Ladakh offers an immaculate range of thrilling activities that will quench your thirst for adventure and adrenaline kicks. Join us on a thrillfest of adventures with your family amid the incandescent beauty of Ladakh! Ladakh multisports adventure is an 8-day long sojourn in Ladakh with some adrenaline-fuelling activities like white water rafting, hiking, camping, Royal Enfield rides, Sham Valley, and Nubra Valley tour, visiting monasteries and local attractions, camel rides and ATV rides, bonfire and barbeque nights and so much more!

Bhrigu Lake

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Duration: 4 Days

If you want to have a thrilling adventure with your family and want to give them a true Himalayan experience, Bhrigu Lake Trek in Himachal is one of the best treks for you. The long stretches of walking on the grasslands as the horses are grazing by, the lovely apple orchards of Kullu Valley and the dramatic vistas of Lahaul Valley, the Dhauladhar and the Pir Panjal Ranges altogether will make for a priceless experience for your family.

Yoga Retreat And Hiking In The Himalayas

Location: Uttarakhand

Duration: 6 Days

A beautiful Himalayan immersion for you and your family where you will journey to the depths of the Himalayas in a pleasant trek. The entire trip will involve gentle trekking along with Yogic practices, mindfulness exercises, the Satsang ceremony, and camping in the Himalayan meadows with delicious and nutritious Sattvic meals. To end this journey, we will pay a visit to the revered Gangotri Dham, and take a dip in the holy Gagnani Spring. If you are looking for a vacation where you can relax and rejuvenate with your family in the embrace of nature, this is the perfect option for you.

Pindari Glacier Trek

Location: Uttarakhand


A beautiful trek that takes you to the source of the Pindar River, this trek is absolutely perfect for families with children. Crossing mountain ridges, spiderwalls, and streams are going to be the ultimate adventure for your family. A variant panorama of meadows, Rhododendron forests and vast snowfields presents the soothing charm of Kumaoni beauty and culture.

Are you feeling tempted to plan your next family adventure in the mountains yet? Quality time is the best gift you can give to your family and what better way for this than going on an adventure together? Enjoy the great outdoors and connect with each other as a family! These are the memories that you will cherish forever.

Let adventures fill your souls!!!