Back A trek to the unseen part of Himalayas (Bagini Glacier)

A trek to the unseen part of Himalayas (Bagini Glacier)

Bagini Trek or the Chang Bang Base Camp Trek is not so popular, hence less explored trek. It is one of those rare treks which offers an entire package of all kinds of Himalayan adventures. Adventures of walking on green meadows, rocky steep terrain, river bridges, glacier crevasses, avalanches, and the list goes on. Not to your much surprise, the trek also has a deep connection with the Hindu mythology.

Unlike other trek routes, the Bagini Glacier route commences with a walk on a suspension bridge over river Dhauliganga. When heavy winds are blowing, walking on the steel bridge will be a nightmare. The fear will just fade away as you move towards the first campsite on the plain grasslands of Ruing village. You may want to stay in Panchayat house here, or else just pitch your tents in this peaceful village. Don’t be overwhelmed by this small village because the village coming next will startle you. It is none other than the Dronagiri village. But nothing worth seeing comes easy. You will have to cross the rocky terrain, slippery and narrow landslide areas to reach there. You should watch your steps here and not get engrossed in the scenery around you..!!

The sparsely populated Dronagiri village has merely 50-60 houses. The houses are placed on steps of mountain slope such that it looks more beautiful than coastal houses of Italy. Houses are made of walls of rock and mud having wooden slopy ceilings. You will be astonished to see how the village must have survived at such an altitude of 11,000 feet, far away from basic amenities. Well, you can find that out by interacting with these villagers. You must be wondering Dronagiri sounds familiar. Let me help you, also to all those who have not heard about Dronagiri Parbat. It is the same mountain on which Hanuman found Sanjeevani booti to cure Laxman in Ramayana. It is believed that Hanuman cut part of this mountain and flew with the mountain in his hand. While Dronagiri has a part in Indian mythology the wonderful peak has a big spot for explorers too. From the village, you will get clear views of Hathi and Ghora Parbats. As the night begins the dark sky lays an alluring black blanket of shining stars. If you are lucky enough you will encounter the attractive moon rise from Dronagiri peak.

You should not miss the stunning sunrise on the Hathi and Ghora Parbat. While walking on the Dronagiri ridge, you will cross Bagini stream. The flowing stream has small shrubs covered with a layer of shiny ice on its sides. Bright flowers with purple, yellow, red color, will enlighten your mood. Langatoli is another green, red meadow, a perfect backdrop photographers would wish for. After a strenuous walk around the boulders and stream, Langatoli is the best place to relax. Just sit beside the flowing stream, look at the serene Hardeol and Trishuli peaks.

The trail to the Bagini glacier will rise above the tree line where the trees, meadows just fade out. Sometimes you might also see crow like birds hovering above you. The lower base camp is the plain plateau surrounded by peaks of Satminal, Hardeul and Rishi Pahad. As you move to the upper Basecamp you will get a closer view of the huge Bagini glacier. You may spot big crevasses in the glacier. You may also get an insight of how cruel mountains can be by the avalanches on neighbor mountains.

Another small climb will take you to the Chang Bang Base Camp. It is similar to an amphitheater that entertains you with attractive snow covered mountains. The peaks visible from here are Hathi(6507m), Ghori, Satminal(6911m), Dunagiri east(7066m), Garur peak, Trishuli(7057m), Hardeul(7323m), Rishi(6099m), Kalanka(6931m), Changabang(7174m). The melting glacier forms lakes in the white desert, completing the landscape. In the dreamy landscape, you would wish to stay there forever and return never…!

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