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7 Common Cycling Mistakes You Might Be Ignoring

For all the adventure seekers out there who love to ride a cycle, we know how it gets your adrenaline pumping as soon as you get on that saddle. Cycling the mountains is surely fun and those who have experienced this will actually know what exactly I’m talking about.

Cycling in the Himalayas is a whole other experience and there are a lot of safety measures that you need to keep in mind. Right from using the appropriate gear to following the rules and safety measures, everything is a must on your Himalayan cycling expedition.

Here are some of the common mistakes that cyclists tend to make that you need to avoid.

1. Cycling Without A Helmet

The thumb rule of cycling, which is to ‘always wear a helmet’ is sometimes taken for granted by many cyclists. We’ve often come across cyclists who ride around with their helmets hanging from the handlebars and it is a bit surprising that they are ready to take such a risk. While the feel of the breeze on your face may be refreshing but you never know when a speeding car or a pothole will take you by surprise. When it comes to safety measures a helmet is a must while cycling.

2. Uneven Saddle

Another common mistake that cyclists make is that they fail to adjust the height of the saddle according to their height. The height of the saddle will vary from person to person depending on his/her height. A proper height of the saddle will help you maintain your balance while cycling while an uneven saddle will reduce your cycling efficiency and also the power from your legs won’t be directed properly.

Follow these simple points to adjust the height:

a) Keep your bike in an upright position and stand straight next to the bike, facing towards the front of the bike.

b) Check how high the saddle is. Ideally, it should be at your hip crest. If not, take a minute to move the saddle into a neutral riding position: the saddle should be level and pointing towards the front, not tilted up or down. The position of the saddle should feel comfortable now. Make sure you can touch the ground with your toes when on the saddle.

3. Not Wearing Proper Cycling Clothes

It is important to wear proper cycling clothes so that you’re comfortable with your movements. There are instances where cyclists wear heavy clothes which doesn’t allow them to move freely, therefore, it becomes uncomfortable and the entire cycling trip is affected. It is advisable to wear dry-fit clothes while cycling which will help you to keep yourself dry by absorbing the sweat. Also, when selecting your riding clothes for the day, make sure to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.

4. Riding Without Hand Gloves 

When it comes to hand gloves, it is a must if you are a professional cyclist. Wearing hand gloves while cycling not only allows you to get a proper grip on your handlebars but also makes your ride a comfortable one. It also helps in absorbing the sweat and keeps your hands dry. Not to mention, they will protect your hands in case you fall.

5. You’re Not Wearing Sunglasses

Another basic but important thing that cyclists sometimes fail to carry is their sunglasses. While cycling in hot temperatures with the sun beating down on you it is important to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Cyclists also face problems like irritation in their eyes and it becomes necessary to wear sunglasses. Sometimes your eyes may also water when you are moving fast, especially when cycling downhill or dust or insects may get inside your eyes. You need the right eye protection to prevent this from happening. So the next time you go on your cycling expedition, please don’t forget to put on your sunglasses.

6. You’re Riding The Wrong Bike

For beginners, the weight of the cycle or what components it has is of much significance but if you want to ride in the mountains, you need to choose the right bike. There is a big pool out there from where you can choose your mountain cycle. If you are really interested in having your own cycle, you should definitely consult a professional cyclist or an expert who will guide you about the size and the frame of the cycle. At times, people face difficulties if they have purchased the wrong cycle, so it is advisable that you should do a bit of research before going ahead with the final deal.

7. Don’t Overdo It:

We all know how crazy you are when it comes to cycling. But you mustn’t push your body beyond its capacity, especially at higher altitudes. It is necessary to take small breaks if you feel exhausted which helps you to gather your breath. In the end, just enjoy the ride and make memories that will last a lifetime. While cycling is beneficial to your health but similar to any sports you need to learn to do it at the right intensity or you may exhaust, or injure yourself.