How to Opt Best Trekking Shoe

What I write is what I mean, Best Trekking Shoe means only the trekking shoe not the regular ones and hunter shoe. Trekking is one of the expensive sports as you can’t drop a single item infect all are a big need for high altitude. Apart from warm cloths what really matters is shoe, plays a vital role throughout the trek. If don’t want to buy expensive shoes, look for the cheaper one with these facility mentioned below.

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When you looking for trekking shoe look for these thing foremost which comprises of grooves present in sole. If sole has deeper grooves then they might have passed the initial difficulty. These grooves helps you to walk on Rocky Mountains, snow, meadow and mud, they makes a tight grip with the ground and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the journey. The best way to test your sole and grooves is by poking any hard substance like knife or pen on it. When you do that it must make a soft sound means it is bit on the ideal side. Sole must not be too hard, in fact it should be flexible enough and look for the vibram sole.

Ankle support is the next thing to look for in trekking shoe. This is required because uneven trek sometime produces ankle cramp. This is painful and disallows you to move forward on any trek. Ankle support shoe is also necessary to keep away mud, small pebbles and insects. Padding inside the shoe must be soft to walk thoroughly that keeps the foot trouble-free.

Gortex covering is an important aspect that a trekking shoe must carry. It will surely protect your foot in rain, mud and snow for several hours without being wet from inside. Light weighted gortex enables pleasant journey and makes you feel very comfortable even in worst climatic conditions. These are breathable, waterproof and windproof shoe- an additional advantage as it too minimizes the stinking smell. Avoid leather shoe, it includes more weight and becomes unbearable once they get wet.

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The shoe must also fit your foot. Do not try to buy any oversize or undersize shoe that can create a big problem while trekking. Look for the shoe that has minimum stitches to avoid tearing and whenever teardown took place avoid over stitching, in fact paste it with a hard pasting substance. Whenever shoe gets wet, don’t keep it in-front of born fire to let them for quick dry it will loosen the pasting. On a contrary sun’s heat is a best option to dry the shoe. With the present of these important facts in a trekking shoe, it will provide an upper hand over all other trekkers on trekking. So now you have sufficient information about trekking shoe and whenever you go to a store always look for these features.


Written By:- Rakesh Pant