A young adventurer’s paradise

Valley of flowers trek is an amazing trek located in a spectacular valley marked by tall mountains of Himalayas. In the Western Himalayas in Uttarakhand, the valley is placed just In front of Bhundyar Glacier pass, nurturing over 500 rare and wild species of flowers.
Valley of Flowers is a magnificent place which attracts a lot of adventure junkies, nature lovers and mostly youth every year. Due to its sheer charm, it has gained popularity as a heavenly place for trekking in UttarkhandValley of Flowers trek gives a unique opportunity for youngsters to experience the majestic Himalayas as it provides them with an incredible fusion of adventure as well as the beauty of nature.
With easy to moderate ascents, this trek is not a big challenge for young bones. The hard work of ascending the steep climbs of the trek would definitely result into a beautiful memory which the young souls will cherish throughout their life.
Not only the destination but the whole trek is quite interesting. The beginning point of the trek is Govind Ghat which leads to Ghangaria. This trek is quite long but will not be strenuous for young trekkers as the trek route itself is beautiful enough to keep them motivated.
The trail from Ghangaria to Valley of flowers is a mild climb of approximately 3 kms and is well laid. Tiny flowers can be seen at various places on the trail, hinting at the existence of a wonderful valley – another incentive for youngsters. The terrain is narrow with rocky surfaces on either side.
The trekkers will get mesmerized by the colorful views of the gorgeous valley. The eye soothing meadows are spread all over the area till the horizon. You get the feeling as if the mountains have spread their arms and collected every flower it can just to add immense charm, which one will rarely experience. Enjoying the fragrance of huge bouquets of nature with pleasing calls of birds will rejuvenate the young hearts and enlighten them to the goodness of mother earth.
Exploring the valley with uneven ridges covered with different colors, rocks covered with small flowers on the edges, expanse of tall and tiny flowers, cute flowers waving to mark their existence is an experience that will truly be the most appealing & memorable one for youngsters. The place is also a perfect location for botany students giving them extensive variety to study and research.
In the era of modernity, it is high time that young generations learn the importance and refreshing facet of nature through this amazing trek of Valley of Flowers.