Back Trek Hacks: Lifting backpack

Trek Hacks: Lifting backpack

Trek: Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek

We always tend to solve bigger problems, ignoring the smaller ones. And always bigger issues are caused by small mistakes. However, correct the backpack is packed or however strong you are, a slight mistake in loading a backpack on your back may cause injury. There are many cases where the person gets hurt, hand twists, sudden muscle pulls, or injury to the spine, only because the backpack was not rightly put on the back. Usually, people tend to pick up the bag and directly swirl it on the back. And this causes the backpack to swing and muscle pull. This wrong method once or twice may not cause anything, but when done frequently, there might be bad consequences. Therefore, lifting a backpack correctly is important for a trekker.

Here is the correct way of loading a backpack.

Firstly, keep your backpack straight on the ground. Holding the loop and a shoulder strap pick it up and rest on your thigh. Then slowly raise your backpack to keep it on the back. Bend from your hip and shift the backpack on your back. Then slowly slide the hand for shoulder straps. Tighten the hip belt and then stand upright. Check for loose shoulder straps. Make sure the lower straps are not dangling.

Now, you are all set to go.