Back Gangotri Gomukh Tapovan Trek – Hidden adventures at the most religious place on Earth

Gangotri Gomukh Tapovan Trek – Hidden adventures at the most religious place on Earth

Here we add another trek to your bucket list. But let me warn you this trek will blow your mind with its authenticity and sacredness. Of course, it does bring adventures that you as an explorer are looking for. Let me raise the curtain now, it is the Gamukh Tapovan Trek or the Gangotri Glacier Trek.

This trek will take you on the religious wheels of India. You will be astonished to find out how much driven the people are by the faith in God. Faith that makes them walk in the mountains just for a glimpse of the God they encounter within nature. Similar kind of faith you can see in the eyes of adventurers like us. I promise you, this trek never let you down with eccentric views which no other trek can offer.
The trek originates from the religious Gangotri. It is one of the four Char Dhams hence the renowned destination for pilgrims. As you walk through the serene Gangotri National Park you will embrace the sights of alluring snow-capped mountains. You will be welcomed by wonderful Bhagirathi sister peaks, Manda Peak, Bhrigu Parbat, Sudarshan Parbat and many more. You will never want to miss these fluorescent snow peaks in the morning. It will be a dream come true moment for you to stay in tents between snow-capped mountains, under pine trees, on the banks of a chilled gushing river. This holy river, Bhagirathi, will escort you till the end of trek.

The end trek takes you to, Tapovan, one of the most famous locations in Hindu  holy books, where Sadhus sit for mediation. It is very known amongst the Mountaineers as the base camp for Mt. Shivling expeditions. Yes, Tapovan is the foot of the magnificent Shivling. As its name suggests, the big mountain appears to be as linga. It is the most beautiful mountain which entices climbers all over the world. Mountaineers consider it as their trophy to summit this peak. You will agree with them once you stand in front of the alluring peak.
Nothing comes easy, as they say. The trail to reach Tapovan is tough. You have to cross rocky terrain, boulders, and moraines of Gangotri glacier. Believe me, all is worth it. While you stand on the holy meadows of Tapovan looking at the splendid Mt. Shivling, you will experience the bliss of heaven.

Well, the essence of the trek is not only Mt.Shivling, it is also the giant Gomukh. It is the end of Gangotri Glacier and source of mighty river Ganga. It looks just like cow’s mouth, hence the name. You have to trudge on the glacier filled with moraines to reach here. Not a technical climb but a strenuous one, adding thrill for adventurous trekkers. With such thrills you will cherish the trek for lifetime.
In short, jump into a religious ocean of Gangotri, Gomukh, Tapovan and Mt.Shivling. An ocean filled with surprises for Trekkers and Mountaineers.
I am sure you want to take a dive into this ocean. So, book a seat now…!!!