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Zanskar Frozen River Trek


You must have seen a blanket.
You must have seen ice.
You must have seen ice floating on water.
Ok, all right.

Zanskar Frozen River Trek

Have you seen an ice layer covering the stream of river like a blanket?
Have you ever seen how the calm river sleeps under the igloo of the ice?
Well its high time then for the trekkers to find one adventure like this.
Do not be worried. You need not to go to the heaven in search of it. For the Chadar Frozen River Trek is what I am talking about.

chadar frozen river trek - leh ladakh

Anyone who gets back from the Chadar Trek adds to the aura around it by talking about the conditions in a revering way. It is a 6 day trek. It is a trek over a frozen river in Ladakh where the average temperature during daytime is -10. In the night, temperatures fall to -20 or 25. Ice forms, breaks and changes colour on the river every few hours. The cost is around Rs. 20000 per person. Its distinguished by its unique experience. Everything about it is one-in-all: the scenic atmosphere, chilling temperature, the icy river, camp sites and the ever changing Chadar.

frozen river in Ladakh

Spring water prevents the blanket from completely smothering the river which in places retains its rapids. Needless to say, having a good guide is critical on the Chadar Trek. Trekking on the ice is intimidating. A covering of snow makes it difficult to assess its thickness. The water is deep and fast, and you would likely be swept under the ice in seconds.

But still with your senses around you will be thrilled by an unparalleled adventurous excitement with the frozen river under your skinny shivering legs.

You can start from Delhi and roam all way trekking via myriad several chilling places. You even get to see several monasteries, stupas, gorges, deep valleys, caves and many more. Watch the small waterfalls in the form of icefalls.

Zanskar river trek

The days walk in chilling layer is both challenging as well as an incomparably exiting experience. The landscape acquires a pristine grandeur in winter as the trail enters into the gorge of the Zanskar.

Hey! What happened?

Do not be so dumb struck.

Go and have a match with your flavour of fun, chill, and picturesque clicks.

What better than walking on ice on the chilly crispy winter and warming your heart?

Happy Icy Trekking!

chadar frozen river trek - leh ladakh