Back Kuari Conquered: A Lyrical Chronicle!

Kuari Conquered: A Lyrical Chronicle!

kuari pass

Far away, over the misty mountains cold,

We embarked on our journey enroute winding roads.

Up the hills, down the valleys, confluence of babbling brook passing by,

Excitement set in, higher than the azure sky.

winter kuari pass

Across the dinner table we all gathered for our first brief,

6-7-8 was fine by all, but for many no ciggies/booze was a bigger grief.

Quick hellos & smiles exchanged

Where are you from and what you do – Ice breaking questions; some asked, some remained.

Few first timers, some seasoned

Yet all full of excitement unconditioned!

kuari pass trek 2022

At the crack of the dawn,

We all set out treading a path unknown;

A furry friend ‘Sheru’ also came along.

Into the valleys, Across the rustic hamlets,

We ascended with a mixed emotions gamut.

winter kuari pass trekking

A shepherd and his flock of sheep,

Endearing Pahari kids we also did meet.

As the sun shone bright, enduring got the walk,

We kept refuelling ourselves at quick pitstops.

Sun Set View - Winter kuari pass trek

Meandering walk lead us to Chitrakantha our first campsite,

No more ‘dusty’ walk, Oh what respite!

Dronagiri stood tall in the front, such a mesmeric delight!

Soaking in the views, we called it a day,

“Not Yet!” Shubhash Bhaiyya’s whistle had to say.

‘Climb High, Sleep Low’

The acclimatization mantra we then got to know!

kuari pass trek 2022

As the sun set & moon rise,

Breeze embraced us and sent shiver down our spine.

Under the star-studded glitterati in the sky,

We fell asleep as the wind sang a lullaby.

kuari pass trek base camp

With the rising sun, we stood reenergised,

All set to kickstart our day 2’s hike.

Into the Tali Forest Reserve, we sauntered away

Peek-A-Boo with us sun chose to play.

kuari pass

A moment of overcast, another moment sunshine

Onto the crinkled golden autumn leaves,

Through the tall tree canopies,

The Oaks, The Rhododendrons, The Pine

Harmony of all, immensely divine!

winter kuari pass trek summit

A forest campsite over next 2 nights,

The chill and wind lesser in might.

Enroute acclimatization walk to the frozen Tali lake,

Enchanting forest cast a spell

Dream or Real, it was hard to tell!

Laying on the grass,

Gazing at the azure sky,

Surrendering to the wind’s embrace,

I knew in my heart, Home is a feeling; not a place!

winter trek in india

The rigors of a thrilling summit climb,

redefined beauty’s paradigm.

Treading a frozen river, striding the slopes

‘Picture Time’ time and again, a mandatory dope

High up and above, huddled together we stood empowered,

Unfurled a flag – ‘Kuari Conquered’!

An exhilarating ridge descend

Precious Memories of lifetime to our hearts content

winter trek in india

The Peaks, The Valleys,

The Meadows, The Ridges

The Streams and The Trees..

Absolute serenity in asymmetry,

‘Majestic Mountains’ are indeed God’s best poetry!

Lastly, The journey becomes special coz the people we meet along,

Sojourn ends, Memories Live On!

Written By:-

Bhoomi Mamtora