Back Winter Trek to Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla (Sky Watch New Year – Skies from Kuari Pass, UK)

Winter Trek to Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla (Sky Watch New Year – Skies from Kuari Pass, UK)


Trek Name:Winter Trek to Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla (Sky Watch New Year – Skies from Kuari Pass, UK)
Trek Duration: – 6 Days
Base: – Joshimath

Peaks Visible while on Trek

Divine peak of Nandadevi, Nanda Devi east, Nanda Ghunti, Hathi Ghoda Parbat, Neelkanth, Dronagiri, Mukut Parbat, Mana Rishi Pahad & Chagbang etc. The start point of our trek was Joshimath, which is long 10 to 12 hour drive from Haridwar. Route confluences of several rivers on our route.

My Love for Mountains.Trekking

My Love for Mountains Trekking

I have always loved the mountains it has a magic which takes away all my worry & in return gives me loads & loads of happiness. I have been trekking in Sahyadris since long. This year Himalya’s were calling my and thought what can be better time than New Year Celebration to visit Himalaya for Mountain lover like meee….

Planning for new Himalaya Trek

Planning for new Himalaya Trek

Made a plan to conquer Kuari Pass in Himalaya with my trekking mates Bibhas, Mahesh, Manan, Sandeep, Pradnya & few more but they stepped out due to other commitments. My new plan was getting excited as days were closer for trek and shopping in full swing. I feel my trek plan was excited & thrilling. There is something about staying in tent that makes me feel so happy. I guess it’s not about tent as much as about the surrounding with the peace and quiet that comes along with it.

The Winter Kuari Pass Trek was perfect for us! We knew it would be: from the fun information and heavy snowfall email communication from Rajni ( TTH Team), as it’s makes trek little more adventure and add additional fun to it. We were prepare to explore and experience the same, however we felt very prepared after meeting TTH Team to Joshimath.

Winter Kuari Pass Trek

Meeting new mates and clueless which awesome experience to share…..!!!

On this trek I met 24 strangers on 1st day but as trek progressed we are now best trekking buddies and well connected.

I am clueless where to start from… should I 1st say about warm welcome from TTH (Trek The Himalaya’s) team, awesome and tasty food they served with limited resources while on trek, or giving us a super surprise to make our NEW YEAR CELEBRATION the best celebration ever. Or I talk about the untouched Himalayan Range n Dreamlike Moments Spent….!!

New Year Bash on Snow Mountains

New Year Bash on Snow Mountains

People have different ways to celebrate New Year. Since, I have fond love for trekking and exploring different mountains. I believe to be lucky enough to enjoy transition from 2014 to 2015 with snow -mountains around. We did star gazing, lighted bonfire, dance, music, in short it was total fun night with unlimited dhammal….!!!

24 Trekkers & TTH team made this New Year Celebration trek memorable & most happening – TTH surprise cake, cake from Tota Mania of our group ( Mala & Charan) & cake from most sweetest HR( Subhada), Music, dance from Chennai Gang (My partner in crime Lalli) & TTH Team.

First Morning of 2015

First Morning of 2015

Mesmerized by the morning mist & the calmness of the place, I wish my everyday should begin like this on each day for years to come.

Few memorable moments from trek

Few memorable moments from trek


Sandeep Rawat (Trek Leader) started with briefing and introduction round when we all gathered. In between a mate asked a simple but relevant question on which almost everyone was waiting Sandeep to answer & hoping to be positive. Can we carry booze for 31st Night Celebration? Guess what could have been the answer…!!! 😉

Winter Trek to Kuari Pass


On early morning, cold hands, scared to get out of the blanket. I wore 3 to 4 layers of cloth which gave me feeling of the real winter. This I never experienced in Mumbai. On top all, we were in queue for HOT WATER to take shower as the same wouldn’t be available for next 4 to 5 days. Somehow, after we all got ready, we drove down to Dhak Village from where our real journey begin, all excited journey started through the rustic village & combination of weather Sun + Wind.

Kuari Pass trek 2022

On our trek route it was time for first group picture at one of the point, we all wereset for 9 different poses & fun. Thanks to Bibhas & his tripod to capture beauty of mountains along with us in his camera. Day didn’t end here… there was bonfire, songs, story sharing, ghost story & Sandeep Rawat’s magical tricks which was just unbelievable mind calculation.


We had to climb Tali Top. N fun begins with Cow Boy (Kunal), within a 30mins of walk in dense oak forest it turned into the Snow City for which we all were waiting, thanks to devil weather for unexpected snow fall. It gave us the best view & experience ever. As usual to enjoy all this our group of 8ppl were the last & in just so chill weather my fantasy of lying down on “The Chronicle of Narnia Land” and clicking pic came true…WOAAA can still feel the Devil Cold which now has become heaven for me.

In some time, I was accompanied by Siva known as Shera of the group. He just walks nonstop & motivates others as well. I and Siva decided to have a race to reach the Tali top with all possible short cuts. On route, Charan & Mala also joined for this race. We were the four person to reach first & clicking selfie on Tali Top.

Then descend starts from Tali Top to reach at camp 2, this descend was my favorite part of the trek, 1st mesmerizing point came when I saw a frozen lake & on top sun & moon together. Here we clicked selfies n panorama. Thanks Siva for motivating to start the trek soon so that we can spend good time here looking at TRIO of frozen Lake, sun & moon.


Myself, Siva, Karan, Mahesh& Sandeep tried to build snow man in that freezy cold.Then from here crazy skidding on the rocky mountain of the snow started. YOGESH…the Punjabi munda started skidding along with 5ppl& now imagine the fun.

After skidding to plateau which is like a snow land the view of sunset was simply amazing….mountains which covered with snow & golden light coming out on the peak during sunset.Difficult to express such awesome vision into words…

N camp looked so close…garamagaram chai &yummmmmm soup waiting for us.Popcorn always played just amazing role with soup.After getting fresh ppl had dinner and were surrounded by bonfire. Suddenly Sandeep Rawat appears & says Pangarchulla team will startstrek sharp at 4am in d morning & Kuari pass team starts at 8.30 am. Pangarchulla team members vanished in sometime so can get up early & start at 4am.


It was 2.30 am, I & Sandy started waking up our team, frenzy cold temperature in minus but have to start on time, finally 3am started packing important stuff & getting ready. Me & Sandy out of the tent sharp @ 4am & we reached to Bonfire area….heads of to Sandeep Rawat our Leader as soon as we were at bonfire area he stepped out from his tent with all req gears n ready to start. Daliya, Tea, packed lunch & hot water waiting for us….getting a treatment 4 am in the morning as if we were in some7 star hotel (just amazing), now waiting for our 3mates to be out so we can start. ( Mahesh, Pradnya & Bibhas), It’s 4.45 am now & finally we started right from step 1 snow level is uptill knee freezy cold have make our own trail to walk. Hands & feet had already gone num…m at the last due to cold, everyone thought I will give up but Thanks to Sandeep Rawat who was again there to help me, waiting for sunrise praying every second for it, & ‘here what I see Sun is already out 6.30am behind the mountains feeling little happy & Sandeep like a best leader chalo it’s out just a bit ahead… will feel better….just a hope gave me energy….I was all charged up & started walking….climbing alone & faster like a Jaddoo in one of the hritik’s movie (name given by Sandeep Rawat).

Winter kuari pass trek - night view

While descend we rolled on that snow land, skid, slept, ran with JD ( DOGGY)who was there with us & played at least for 45mins.

As soon as we reached camp 2, was time to one more descend for camp 1 where we celebrated 31st Dec night.

Celebration started around 7pm around bonfire with loud music on my JBL Speakers, after that surprise cake by TTH   it was just amazing with yummy gulabjamun&koftas in dinner…celebration is on some of us were just dancing like crazy. Special thanks to Lalli (My partner in crime, Ram, Subhada, Charan, Mala, Yogesh n Team), now it’s time to get back to rest of the team mates and play antakshari& here what I see entire TTH team &chuparustom Chef BiloNegi&Pradeepji who are the biggest cheater supported by our mate Yogesh& what to say about our Leader who conveniently say Tum bhi cheating karo hamne Na thodi bola hai….. Just 5mins to go & countdown begins with Loud Music, Dance, Stars, Sky, Bonfire, Cake to welcome New Year….& HERE NEW YEAR COMES, started finding network & calling their loved ones & in 45mins all the ppl were back to tent except I, Karan, Kunal, Siva, Padama, We continued to enjoy the music & than shared stories upto 2.40am.

kuari pass trek 2022

New year morning started with the bed tea followed by yummy breakfast of Maggie, Upma, Sweet n all….what more from morning or what better way to start New Year….Time to get ready & start descend towards Base Village, Group Photo, fun continued. We created lots of memories in last few days in a group & promised of coming back to Himalaya again….

Finally time to get into our car to get back to Hotel at Joshimath but wait there is more fun waiting from Girls Gang, instead sitting in the CAR we opted to seat on top of the CAR. Then crazy drive started from Dhak to Joshimath, roads, wind, pic, music, scenery, lot more & here we reach Joshimath.

kuari-pass trek


Rest Eat, Sleep & most importantly take shower after 5 days, next day morning schedule to leave by 7 am (Tota Maine Jodi started for Auli for skinng, Our Group headed towards Shivpuri for camping at Ganga bank & next day rafting in chilled water & cliff diving.

Winter Trek to Kuari Pass 2022

Kuari Pass in Himalaya

kuari pass trek 2022

kuari pass trek 2022

Shweta Shah

Written By: Shweta Shah