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Why Trekking With Professional Company

Since the first successful ascent of Mount Everest, 60 years ago the Himalayas have become far more accessible to Trekkers and Climbers.
Hindu scriptures say that in a hundred ages you can not do justice to the Himalayas. So where do mere mortals start ? Knowing where to go in an area of 10 times the size of France is no easy task. The Himalayas are vast. The question that normally arises is how to select a trekking company. Obviously everyone looks for a professional trekking company. From my personal experience, I would like to share few facts with you why we should select a professional trekking company.
There are number of reasons to select a professional company for Trekking in the Himalayas. I have done a few treks in the Himalayas with different companies and very well realized the importance of selecting a professional company.
First of all professional companies will never compromise on the quality of the Guide. Their guides are well qualified and have a good knowledge of the terrain. They mentally prepare you for the trek in difficult paths and assist you in ascending and descending without much problem. This gives you a lot of confidence and instills in you a sense of security.
Altitude sickness is a major obstacle in High altitude trekking. In case of an emergency, professional companies have a highly experienced crew to provide paramedical assistance before taking the person to a lower altitude to recoup. Professional companies always appoint a larger crew which facilitates individual attention. Hence the risk involved is minimum compared to non-professional companies.
Professional companies hire guides to keep the trekkers safe, not just to get them to summit. Qualified guides are more likely to teach you just enough to understand the risk involved and how to manage them. This professional approach will build more confidence in trekkers. This increases the competency level of the trekkers in particular and of the team in general making them more prepared to handle the risk better.
Another major fact that needs attention is the Diet. Your energy level depends on the kind of food you intake while trekking. Professional companies provide a Carbohydrate rich nutritionally balanced diet of 2500 calories. They make sure to serve a warm meal which allows you to function better while trekking. They provide packed lunch on days of long trek. Basically, a professional company gives lot of importance in planning the menu.
At the end of the day when you reach the camp everyone needs good rest. Here comes the importance of clean sleeping bags and sturdy tents. Companies like Trek The Himalayas, I have noticed ensure clean sleeping bags. They have numbers on the sleeping bags which enables a trekker to locate his or her sleeping bag so that they get the same sleeping bag everyday. Tents are very clean and sturdy. They pitch the tents before the trekkers reach the camp and serve you warm food as soon as you reach the camp. This is absolutely the professionalism of the crew they select, that ensures that every trekker feels mentally very strong when he reaches the camp. This is one of the major difference you can see between professional and non-professional companies.
Communication is another major fact – Professional companies have proper communication equipments which enable them to communicate with their office. The office in turn upload the trekkers status on their website so that the families and friends of the trekker are kept updated of the trekkers safety.
Professional companies have proper facilities for rescue operation and their crew are professionally trained for this.
I have completed few treks in the Himalayas with different companies and finally found a truly dedicated professional trekking company. I strongly recommend everyone to trek with a truly professional company “ TREK THE HIMALAYAS.

Written By:-

Sebastin B Francis