Back Why to go somewhere else, when our India is so beautiful… RUPIN PASS PHOTO BLOG

Why to go somewhere else, when our India is so beautiful… RUPIN PASS PHOTO BLOG

Life Time experience…
8 days… rivers, forests, villages, waterfalls, mountains, greenery, snow falls, snow trek, lake,
15,250 ft summit, snow slides, temperature up to 5-10 degree. What else to ask more from mother nature. RUPIN PASS will offer us all the gifts from mother nature.
My interest for trekking started from the mesmerizing trekking stories shared by friends. After long analysis and planning, I selected Rupin Pass over Roopkund, because of the everyday surprises it has on offer. It was my first trek and I always go for the best 🙂 We went with June 3-10 batch.
Got all required items from Decathlon and some from Amazon.
Tips: Invest in good quality gears like Shoes,gloves and Jackets especially.
Did jogging and exercises as per ‘’Trek The Himalayas’’ preparation chart.
Boarded flight from Bangalore with my friend Anoop. Flied for the first time and couldn’t have done it at a better cause. We stayed in Dehradun for the day as the reaching time of flight was 9 am. One day rest before trek always helps to give our body enough rest.
Next day morning at 6.30 am we reached Dehradun railway station and TTH vehicles (Tata Sump/Scorpio)were waiting for us. After a scenic journey of around 6-7 hours giving beautiful views of Rupin river, we reached Daula Base Camp.

View of Rupin River During Journey

Our camp site was near to the Rupin river.
Rupin river was just mesmerizing. We washed ourfaces, handsand the water was super chilled 🙂


Photoshoot at Rupin River 😛

Day 1: Dhaula (5,500 ft) to Sewa (6,300 ft)
Distance to be covered: 8-9 KM

  • The route gave us slight glimpses of what is yet to come, with steep climbs and little tough terrains.

Rest time

  • We reached at Sewa camp by afternoon. The view was so beautiful with a sacred temple, surrounded by mountains. Interestingly, this temple opens only once in 15 years. Children keep their achievements/prices at the temple.

Sewa Temple

Stay was at tents. Make sure to cover yourself fully, as small insects might trouble you and it can be dangerous at times.

Evening we went for an Acclamatization Walk to the Village

Pine Forests

With Cute Kids from the Village

View of a Village House

Day 2: Sewa (6,300 ft) to Bawta(6,888 ft)
Distance to be covered: 8-10 KM

  • Trek started through lovely forest and we could hear the rupin river calling us. We reached the banks of Rupin river. We washed our faces and took some good rest.

  • There was a small wooden bridge across the river. This bridge lies on the border of Uttarakhand and Himachal. Our trek leaders gave us some time to get into water. (girls had a separate covered area) Trust me, there is no swimming pool or Jacuzzi, that can give u so much pleasure. Floating in chill water, surrounded by forest, omg it was just out of the world for me. I knew we started experiencing the gifts of nature and was excited about the more gifts to come 🙂
  • After changing dresses, we continued to Batwa, via open road, which was bit difficult because not much shades were on offer.

Resting at the Favorite spot for most of the trekkers.

  • We reached the home stay at the top of village, which had good stay set up and electricity (availability of electricity depends upon the weather). It started raining and we enjoyed the view and sung some good old songs together:-)
  • We Went for acclimatization walk and met some cute kids from Village. We contributed a book, pen and pencil for the kids in the Village from the nearby shop and the happiness in their faces werepriceless 🙂

First Sight of Snow

Village House Roof made with stones

Day 3: Bawta(6,888 ft) to Jhaka(8,700 ft)
Distance to be covered: 5-6 KM
– Comparatively easier day.
– The view and terrain was nice through the pine forests andthe beauty of Rupin river.

Best Refreshment

We took some rest in between, had some Mountain maggi from a Shop. Took pics with our Guides with their traditional Topi.

With our Trek Guides in their Traditional CapWe continued though nice routes, with rocks on one side and greenery on the other.

We reached Jhakha by afternoon. Jhakha is known as the hanging village as it’s located on the edge of a mountain.


Had a chat with the home stay owner. He was very friendly and explained about the people from the village who are working outside after studies.

Home stay Owner

By evening, we went for an acclimatization walk to the temple which was situated on a higher place. Temple had very nice architecture. We took some pics with the Kids over there.

At the temple, with the village kids

Cute Kids smiling for the pic

Day 4: Jhaka(8,700 ft) to Dhanderas Thatch(11,680 ft)
Distance to be covered: 12-14 KM

  • Tough day
  • Packed lunch

We reached the rupin river again and continued with steep climbs

Crossing Rupin river

Continuing the journey, we crossed the Snow Bridges

Going forward, the view changed to awesome sceneries

  • Reached Dhanderas Thatch by 5 PM. One of my favorite Camp site and the view was just out of the world and mind blowing. We were treated with full green grass land with small yellow flowers, surrounded by mountains and water falls. We had Rupin river flowing beside the tents.

Day 5:Dhanderas Thatch (11,680 ft) to Upper Waterfall Camp (13,120 ft)
Distance to be covered: 5-6 KM

  • Started with some steep climbs beside the waterfalls.

  • Next, we encountered glaciers, Snow bridges and managed to walk with trekking without special gear for getting grip in Snow.

Further, we got much nearer views of the Waterfalls, which refreshed all our minds

With my trek mate Anoop

Once we reached the top, we could see the previous day’s camp as small dots in the valley.

After that, we were welcomed with the Snowww views…

  • We reached Upper Waterfall base camp by afternoon

  • Evening we had a practice session on Walking technique on the Snow for the coming days. I.e. Forming Grips while taking each step.
  • We were provided with the micro-spikes for the Snow sections. Our technical guide showed us techniques to climb in the snows, without slipping much.
  • There were group of sheep around and we played with them and took pics with little ones

  • During night sleep, I could feel that it was raining, as hard rain drops were falling on top of the tent. Morning, I realized that it was Snow fall and the full green land had turned white. Great Site for the eyesJ
  • Clicking the DSLR buttons were almost impossible as the fingers were freeze. Please use a woolen hand gloves for flexible use in such cases.

Green Land, turned to white overnight 
Day 7: Upper Waterfall Camp (13,120 ft) to Rupin Pass (15,250 ft) to Ronti Gadh (13,420 ft).
Distance to be covered: 14-16 KM

  • Tough day
  • Packed Lunch
  • Most awaited Summit Day!!!
  • We Started early as the distance to be covered was more.
  • After some time, the full view around us changed to white snow fields. Everyone was super excited and continue the walk with lot of josh and excitement.

  • The micro-spikes/Mini-crampons provided, really helped us to walk in the snow and to keep firm steps without slipping so often.
  • After some time, we got the awesome initial view of Rupin pass. It seemed to be an 80 degree steep and impossible climb.

There You go…RUPIN PASS!!!

  • Our trek leaders kept us motivated and we started climbing in a line taking one step at a time.
  • We got exhausted at times, but kept our determination and climbed up and again. It was wonderful and memorable experience.
  • And Here we go, we reached the highest point of RUPIN PASS. All of them were super excited and we clicked lot of pics.

  • After we got to top, we could see shepherd and group of sheep climbing the pass so easily. After all, RUPIN PASS is a Shepheard trial.

Group of Sheep continuing their Trek after summit climb


  • After 45 mins, it was time for us to climb down and it was even more fun. We went down sliding in the snows like Wonderla rides!!!

Snow Slide


  • For few more hours, it was full white snow fields around us and we continued trekking to our Ronti Gadh campsite. We were gifted with Snow fall too while getting down. It was one of the toughest days in the trek and I got tired by the time we reached the camp. Our menu consisted of gulab jamun and egg curry, which was much appreciated for we were starving after a hard day’s trek.
  • Ronti Gadh campsite was also beautiful with nice views of Mount Kailash. Trek Leader Devji explained details about Mount Kailash.

Day 8: Ronti Gadh (13,420 ft) to Sangla (8,800 ft)
Distance to be covered: 5-6 KM

  • Morning, Trek the Himalaya’s staffs handed over the certificate of achievement to us.

  • All of us shared our Trek experience and it was nice and funny time
  • We started bit late today around 9 am as we covered extra distance last day. We were treated with the breath-taking views of Kinner Kailash which is one of the five holy Mount Kailash

Mount Kinner Kailash

Lake on the way

  • The Trek was through a beautiful village and we enjoyed the calmness and beauty to the most.
  • Descending was also difficult, as the pressure comes to our knee while we climb down. We took enough rests in between and continued our journey.
  • On reaching Sangla after 4-5 hours TTH vehicles were waiting for us. (In general vehicles to Shimla are not easily available)
  • TTH arranges both the travel from, Dehradun to Dhaula and Sangla to Shimla in Tata Sumo/Scorpio Vehicles within the booking amount.
  • We had food from one of the hotels and many were so happy to have Non-veg after 8 days.
  • You can do some shopping in Sangla market near the Sangla Bus stand. Please be informed that, after this you might not get any chance for shopping as we should reach Shimla without wasting much time.

53 KMs with a bag weight of 12-13 kg, just one mantra, keep drinking water for more Oxygen.
Was an awesome feeling to finish the trek without even a single medication. I was confused about having Diamox tablets, but because of the confidence the TTH trek leaders gave me, I changed my mind and decided to do the trek naturally.
Tip: reduce the bag weight as much u can, 6-7 is recommended. As the bag/dresses get wet in rain, the bag weight increases and it will make your trek more difficult.
Our Trek leader Devji recollected one famous line “JAL HI JEEVAN HEIN”, ie “Water is Life” and explained that water has all the minerals required for our body. I realized the importance of water during the trek and I decided to drink more and more water after coming to my Bangalore life.
Big thanks to our Trek Leaders Devji and Sudhanshu Ji for motivating us and taking care of us, thus helping everyone to complete the Trek. Thanks to the full Trek the Himalayas team, for taking care of us and organizing everything to perfection. The food provided was good and tasty.
Thanks to all the prayers, Thank god

Written By:-

Rajesh V R