Back Welcome 2019 with Adventures never experienced before

Welcome 2019 with Adventures never experienced before

An inception of resolutions, big dreams and the urge to try something unique…new year marks a new beginning. In this beginning, we are determined to go hand in hand with you. We are delighted to announce 8 new treks to quench your thirst to explore the unexplored. Hiking through the coldest desert, touching the feet of Annapurna, running on the concealed meadows, making way through the unknown glaciers and cycling thrills to the famous Khardung La pass, 2019 will be filled with adventures never experienced before.

  1. Pindari Glacier Trek

Walking on the floating ice, isn’t that a great start of the new year? Famous for its easy accessibility, Pindari glacier is the only glacier trek recommended to novice trekkers. As big as 5×2.5km, this glacier lies between the giant Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot peaks. Pindar river sources from this glacier, which confluences with Kafni river, a majestic scenery that comes after a pleasant hike through rhododendrons. The trail is an invitation to traverse the mysterious and treasury Nanda Devi Sanctuary. Amongst the hidden, Panwai Dwar and Maiktoli peaks shine the most.

This trek gives an opportunity to visit Nainital from where the trek begins. The views of Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot becomes more prominent as the route rises up. Although the trail is simple, there are some landslides to overcome, leading to the enriching meadows at Phukriya. Lastly, the tough, icy, rocky glacier ends at the Zero Point, the epitome of Kumaon Himalayas. The trail comes with a one-on-one offer, bestowing the Kafni glacier as well.

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  1. Kang Yatse II Expedition

An expedition to a 6000-meter peak, isn’t that a wonderful start of the new year? Kang Yatse 2 is contemporary of Stok Kangri that has unfortunately been not recognized for its splendidness. Trekking cum mountaineering expedition, it is an opportunity for trekkers endeavouring beyond trekking. Lying in the cold desert, Leh, the trek is an intimidating stride between the remote villages, through the stupendous Markha valley adorned with the Buddhist religion.

The entire trail stretches magically through the Markha valley, harbouring Chilling, Skiu, Markha, Nimaling, Umlung, villages. These habitats portray the traditional Buddhist beliefs and are an emblem of amiability. Mani stones engraved with prayers, meditation caves, vibrant prayer flags, monastery, and white stupas are the long-lasting symbols of spirituality. These are also the captures that make charming sceneries. Not only that, blue sheep, mountain goat, snow leopard and magpai bird, are seen every now and then.  While the whole setup is extremely fulfilling the summit of Kang Yatse may be painful. Flooded with rocky moraines, crevasses and snow, the climb is a test of your patience and will-power. Once you win, the top shows Stok Kangri, Pangong, Nubra ranges, distant K2 peak, the mountains that will give the feeling of being at the zenith of satisfaction.

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  1. Buran Ghati Pass Trek

The thrill of being hanging on a rope at 15,000 feet, isn’t that something you have never done before? Well, Buran Ghat is an exceptional trek that must be first on your list. It is one of the rare treks that will give goosebumps and vibes of fear, yet the excitement never dies. Going to the pass involves crossing 6 vast snow-fields. And the descent from the pass is through steep ice-wall. A rope and ice-axe are the equipment to your rescue, while you rappel down the 400 feet ice-wall. Following that are the snow-patches, you can just slide down on these!

Do not underestimate this trail as only snowy and blue-white. The world-famous Dayara bugyal falls en route. Moreover, the changing nature of forests from maple to pine to silver birch trees add that glittering liveliness of green layout. Distant Dhauladhar range and Gunas pass will always be in the backdrop. The stunning water bodies, Pabbar river and Chandranathan lake amplify the beauty by thousand times.

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  1. Kareri Lake Trek

Despite immense desire, sometimes other priorities overtake our wish to be in the mountains. But this year your desire will win, thanks to our new trek. Kareri Lake is a perfect weekend jaunt with only 3 days of trekking. It is a mighty lake at 3000 meters surrounded by alpine trees having a never-ending array of snow-crowned mountains in the background.

Flowing Nyund stream, sights of Mankaini and Baleni passes, distant Dhauladhar range and a divine temple of Parvati near the lake, all these form a mind-blowing image.  A spectacle luckily accessible with least efforts and less number of trekking days. There are minor sections of boulder crossing and climb. Hence, this trek is suitable for beginners. In fact, it will provide an impeccable first lesson of a Himalayan trek.

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  1. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Let this year begin with grand panoramas of the grand Annapurna peak. Considered as one of the toughest 8000-meter mountains, it is the 10th highest peak in the world. As deadly as it may seem, Mountaineers and trekkers are still driven by its magnificence. The entire Annapurna massif soaring high is so elegant that it leaves us spell-bound. The Machapuchare peak is another stunning attraction, especially the phenomenal moonrise behind its top.

A walk to remember through the Annapurna Sanctuary, under the dense overlay of woods. The forests cover include oak, rhododendrons, sharp bamboo trees and stretches of grasses. This Sanctuary harbours numerous species of birds, mammals, reptiles, one must be lucky to spot one. The trek gives a sneak peek into the Nepalese heritage. The food offered and the locals you meet, all resemble the typical and rich Nepalese culture. A difficult grade, yet accessible trek of Nepal, this trek is like going one step forward for aspiring trekkers.

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  1. Manali – Leh (Khardungla) Cycling Expedition  

We bring an amazing way to explore the hilly regions, an uncommon idea to try this year. Pedalling from the vivacious, gorgeous Manali to quirky tranquil, arid Leh is no typical cycling trip. It is a 500 km trans-Himalayan ride in the labyrinth of valleys and traverses. With each stroke of the pedal, you will be living the transition of scenic covers in slow-motion. Changing vegetation, religious culture, lifestyles of locals, ethnicity of habitats and hue of mountains, every day will be unpredictable and incredible.

The uphill cycling to Nakee La, Lachulung La, Baralacha La, Tanglang La, is tough. Tanglang La is also the highest motorable pass. Pebbles on the trail, heavy winds, and chilling cold temperatures, make it more strenuous. The spectacles of higher snow-crowned mountains kissing the clear skies from the pass are epic and rejuvenating. Chandra and Bhaga river confluence, Deepak and Suraj Taal are like the cherry on this adventurous cake. The wonderful jaunt ends in the land of lamas, adding the pinch of mysticism to this memorable tour.

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  1. Markha Valley Trek 

Let the new year begin by a leisure walk through a valley. Markha Valley trek is like an insight into every trace of Leh. No other trek allows direct dive into both Buddhist cultures, lifestyle and exquisite landscapes. The valley is a closet of the superlative flora-fauna and cordial settlements. In winters the Markha river of the valley freezes forming a chadar, therefore it also considered as mini-Chadar trek. Despite being enclosed in the valley, the closer views of Kang Yatse peaks the trek entices mountain lovers too.

The route passes by homes manifesting the examples of affability, cleanliness, discipline, or the Buddhist religion. Every turn in the valley has ruins of a monastery and ancient beams used for signalling. One must be observant to notice the meditation caves protecting paintings for thousand years. The trail is adorned with Mani stones, colourful prayer flags and white stupas. Mountain goats, magpai bird, blue sheep, are seen frequently. Snow-leopard is also known to be spotted occasionally on meadows. Sometimes the path is on patches of white sand beside the river bank, sometimes on pebbles, sometimes zig-zigging between reddish bushes, sometimes on titled wooden bridges. The entire scenery shows numerous variations, one has to only be prepared to capture them!

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  1. Bagini Glacier 

This is truly is a trek that will give you the opportunity to explore the unexplored. Despite having relevance to Hindu mythology for the devotees and amazing attraction of Chang Bang peak for the Mountaineers, Bagini glacier trek is less explored. The trek takes basically to the base of Chang Bang peak, from lower to upper base camps. If you are in Nanda Devi National park, then definitely the stupendous Nanda Devi mountain will show its charm.

Another alluring fact is that the route goes along Dronagiri village manifesting the legendary Dronagiri parvat. The same parvat that has immense importance in Ramayana. The amazing moonrise behind this mountain is an incredible sight. From Haridwar to Joshimath to Jumma Ruing to the base camps, the Dhauliganga river flows fiercely. From upper base camp, the Chang Bang seems a hand distance away. As stunning it might look, the crevasses and avalanches will scare you. Other prominent peaks seen are Hathi, Satminal, Rishi and Kalanka.

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Which of the above treks will mark the beginning of your new year?

Written By
Nutan Shinde
TTH Official Content Writer