Back Trekking in Sikkim- Goechala Trek

Trekking in Sikkim- Goechala Trek

Life is full of adventure but we need to give some time to us for getting relaxed and enjoying the greatest treasure of life. I had never imagined that I will share any of the utmost experience with everyone as I am very busy in my hectic life. But there are some good moments about this memorable Goechala Trek which I want to share with you all, spendthrift flourishing valleys, fine-looking orchards and shady woodland attracted me a lot. The real beauty of Sikkim rejoiced my trekking in Sikkim and superb view of the Kanchenjunga peak covered with snow all over mesmerized my inner soul.

Haven view on Goechala at Morning

Goechala trek was the most enthralling experience which I had ever enjoyed in my life. I had always dreamt of going on a trek and experiencing the real adventure, fantasy of mountains and snow covered hills. The journey started from Yokhum, Ratong peaks which were very pretty and they were situated at high altitudes. The steepy mountains, pines tree and the peak nestled all over snow made a magnificent drive; all around greenery atmosphere beguile my journey.

Kanchdzanga Peak view on morning form Goechala

Trekking in Sikkim captivates the charisma of striking picturesque view. This splendid trek in the high alpine regions of Sikkim made my trek very adventurous and memorable. A superb view of the Kanchenjunga pass can be seen and I can view the prettiness of attractive panorama.

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Greenry View on north east sikkim

During Trek to Goechala a Beautifully Greenery View

Goechala Trek added the glimpse of high mountains touching the sky which are the glory of Sikkim Alpine region. The attractive view of pasturelands and greenery looked very magnificent and eye-catchy which draw attention of every trekker. I was enjoying with everyone in my group, the terrific view of lakes and cascade. This trail was very exciting as I was moving through dense forest and lovely landscape view can be seen from bottom region, and the flora fauna of lovely sight was very captivating. The track added flurry and ice fields, covered with grasses and high rocks and stone to reach nearby Goechala Mountains from where the charismatic view of waterfall can be seen. This route was having major elevation rather then also we completed the full trek with great vibes and the lovely atmosphere helped me to enjoy the exquisite sightsee of this great region.

Flowers on goechala