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Trek to Mystery Lake- Roopkund Trek

I am too delighted and excited to share the experience of my trek to Roopkund in North India. After reading the Roopkund Trek details in Trek The Himalayas website, I was convinced that this is best trek I could undertake and started for the same. The best time to visit Roopkund is April-May.


After leaving the base camp at Lahajung, I truly got some real experience for my whole life time. Initially my cheerful heart bloomed in the meadows that soothed nurtured the vibes of my youth. My growing was in parallel to the immensely spread beauty around. The nature’s elegance was pure in gold standards. Roopkund trek was one of those trips which I was actually missed after I returned back to the plains. The long trek was made short by plentiful learning and new experiences. The weather was quite pleasant. But at night, it really used to grow chilly. The long chit chats with the localities surrounding the camp fire flavoured with hot drinks and delicious foods would remain the fabulous taste for all my life. Many myths also came up about Roopkund. The immense sincerity with the locals dictated the various stories passed on to us as listeners. I used to get totally drowned into their explanations and wondered later whether all of that can be true even for a while. Still it formed a dominating part of my memory.



The most gasping sights to my eyes were provided by the particulars of a place known by the name of Ali Bugyal. The rigorous long scenic walks rejuvenated us for the next challenge to come. Everyday had a new surprise around the corner- from lush green small farm lands to oak forest, meadows, rocky terrains and the dynamic of our Trekking team. Every step that I was taking ahead had strengthened up my belief of never giving up. This trek humbled me as well as fulfilled me. It made me fall in love with the Himalayas.


The feeling that I was overwhelmed with at crossing new terrain each time successfully just cannot be described in words. The morning mist looked like as if the snowflakes were balanced in the air like balloons. And soon when the sun woke up, it vaporised the milky sight-hindering mist and shaded it in yellow and pink. The sun appeared partial in waking up the nature as the sun rays twinkled at some of the ingredients of nature and others were left untouched. Meeting with the young local lads in their search for herbs were good diversions for us on a difficult trek.roopkund-trek-uttarakhand-himalayas-5

My body’s mechanism rebelled but my heart moved on. Kaluvinayak- the so called gate to Roopkund was magnificent. The site was breath taking. Doing this trek made me realise that to see real beauty, you have to work hard. But its worth it. It is a test of one’s physical and mental endurance and if completed, it gives immense satisfaction and unforgettable memories


At the end the assent and decent came up with actual difficulties of the terrain. The layer of snow was thin and slippery. Still we made it and made it in full enthusiasm.

I am now truly a changed person and a change that I would cherish for life.