Back Rupin Pass : A trek to remember

Rupin Pass : A trek to remember

Rupin pass is an amazing trek having forest trail, bugyal, rocky trail, snow trail and climb. This is my first trek with TTH and the experience was awesome. Trek was beautiful and food was delicious everyday. Luckily I was transferred to Rupin Pass trek from Roopkund and I enjoyed every day every moment of the trek. Trek date 29th Sept – 6th Oct.

Short Itinerary of Rupin Pass Trek

Day 1 : Dehradun to Dhaula (Uttarakhand)

Our day 1 starts from Dehradun where TTH provided vehicles are waiting to take us to the nature’s lap. We have crossed many beautiful towns Mussoorie, Purola , Mori , Lakhamandal etc. Then we have reached Dhaula a small village covered with dense forest where we stayed at tents.

Day 2 :Dhaula to Sewa (Uttarakhand)

We left dhaula at 8 after having delicious breakfast. Trails goes through dense forest on river side and you will seemanywater falls and streams on the way. After walking 9 -10 Km we reached Sewa 6300 ft.

Day 3 :Sewa to Bawta (Himachal Pradesh)

Another beautiful day starts with a beautiful trail from village Sewa. We are continuously walking besides and in opp stream of the river. After 2 – 3 km we saw a bridge connecting Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Now we have entered into Himachal Pradesh. We saw 4 -5 waterfalls enroute to Bawta and we have taken a bath in one of them. Reaching Bawta we stayed at homestays and homestays was beautiful we were kept talking about it all day.

Day 4 :Bawta to Jakha(Himachal Pradesh)

We continue our journey from Bawta early morning to reach Jakha village crossing rivers jungles. It is also known as the hanging village because it looks hanging on the mountain. Jakha is a beautiful Himachali village at a height of 8700 ft. We played khokho with local children and it was fun. We stayed at homestays in Jakha.

Day 5 :Jakha to Dhanderas Thatch (11680 ft)

We left Jakha early morning to reach Dhanderas Thatch before sunset. It was a long day for us to reach campsite. Again crossing rivers jungles beautiful bugyals and entered into the beautiful valley. Where treeline ends and we can see the snow clad mountains and number of waterfalls in the valley. We can see the lower waterfall and Upper waterfall from the valley. We reached campsite around 4 pm. Dhanderas Thatch is at 11680 ft above sea level. Camsite is beautiful and very windy temperature was -4 at night.

Day 6 :Dhanderas Thatch to Upper Waterfall (13120 ft)

We have to trek only 3.5 km from dhanderas thatch to upperwaterfall but the trek is tricky  teep climb and crossing  waterfalls with slippery rocks. Our trek lead MeenakshiBisht done the great job here standing in the middle of waterfall and instructing trekkers how to cross where to step. We can see broad valley down and snow clad mountains everyside. We reached Upperwaterfall campsite at around 1 pm. Beautifull campsite besides the river and snow clad mountain just in front of us. We witnessed a light snowfall here in evening.


Day 7 : Upper Waterfall to Rupin Pass (15250 ft) to Ronti Gad (13420 ft)

Leaving upper waterfall at 6 am to reach Rupin Pass early. This was also a long day covering around 9 km. We have trek on snow for 4 -5 km. The climb was very steep and snowy to reach Rupin Pass. Its like a summit on a mountain not a pass it was very high. All the guide and trek lead help trekkers to climb the steep snowy path. Finally we have reached on top its Rupin Pass. We were amazed to see the beauty it was snow all around we can see the Kinnaur Kailash Mountain Range. It was an awesome experience. We started walking down and slide down on snow to reach Ronti Gad campsite.

Day 8 :Ronti Gad to Sangla (8800 ft)

Its time to say goodbye to everyone.It was the last day of trek we started walking down to reach sangla village in Kinnaur district. We have crossed beautiful bugyals (Meadows),yaks can be seen all around the bugyals. We reached sangla at 3 pm and leave sangla to Shimla on TTh provided cabs.

Rupin Pass is a trek to remember. We enjoyed a lot and everyone remembers a local pahadi song “KaisalagaKaisalagaKaisalaga .. DJ Kinaura”.

Special thanks to trek lead MeenakshiBisht for helping every trekker and not leaving a single trekker behind. Thanks to local Guides, Porters and Kitchen staff for their hard work and finger licking food.


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Ashish Gusain

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