Back RoopKund  – A Quintessential Himalayan Trek

RoopKund  – A Quintessential Himalayan Trek

It is truly said that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This journey was all about coming out of your comfort zone and facing the odds yet realizing that every step was worth it.
Thanks to gujju batch (Jay,shailesh,bhavik,vaibhav) , mumbaikars (naina,yogesh,chirag,harsh) and my own friends and colleagues (bhargav,Atul subudhi,Preetam sir,and Joga rao sir) for making it altogether a trip of lifetime.
Our Journey started in the backdrop of scenic mountains and places of uttarakhand.It was a drive by jeep to base camp all along which were beautiful trees and forests and river streams. By lunch we were knowing some of our fellow trekkers and again stopped by pindari river. Some of group members had set foot in the river while others snapping pics of mountains. At base camp Loharjung the weather has started changing with black clouds hovering over and soonly it started raining heavily. The group was briefed about the trek. We came to know about Rahul ji our trek leader and a quick intro of our group.
First day of our trek was a hike to Didna village. The trail was through forest and steep ascend for some time. First we stopped at a place where local kids were selling wooden sticks as a substitute for trekking poles. It was really good as compared to trekking poles which we had. A small village passed by where we stopped for water. A lady was selling juice made from rhododendron (a natural refreshment) in Himalayas. After crossing the river was a steep ascent to didna village. Everybody was huffing and puffing by now. We reached Didna village by afternoon and had our lunch.
Our trek leader Rahul ji had us taken to forest for acclimatization and to collect wood for campfire tonight. The presence of local kids made the whole group enthusiastic .After dinner and spending time by campfire we occupied our cozy beds. A much awaited rest after a long day of hiking.
The second day was to reach Ali bugyal .The long duration of hiking finally came to an end at the top from which the trail was easy towards camp. A break for lunch and now we were passing by meadows. Ali Bugyal also the asia’s second largest meadows . A mesmerizing sight to see the horses and flocks of sheeps grazing through the meadows. The weather had started to play its tricks so we have to keep moving. Reaching camps everyone was dying of hunger and can’t stop to have lunch .As a part of acclimatization we need to be out of our tents but it started raining with hail storm. So everyone was in dining tent. Anshul suggested playing “mafia” .The game relieved the uneasiness which by now was gripping most of us “Acute Mountain Sickness”. We enjoyed the game with hot popcorn and soup.I would really like to thank Team TTh for their excellent services even at such high altitudes and challenging conditions. After rain the sky was clear and the view spell bounding. The first view of snow clad mountains..Wowww!!!!.
Third day hike to pathar nachuni was the testing time for group. The trail narrow and rain and wind playing its cards. Trekkers completing the summit were on way back and each time someone crossed had wished – all d best!!! . The group had to take breaks and drink plenty of water (the only way to keep one away from AMS).
After seeing camps at distance was a great sigh of relief. The location of  camp in itself was the best camp by so far during the trek. A distant waterfall and the view of peaks like Trishul and nanda gomti.We all had gathered in dining tent as resting in tents not allowed during day.Umesh Ji an accomplished trekker and occasional singer was asked to sing and so he started following which all joined in chorus. We kept on singing and to our surprise the kitchen staff was giving chorus. For acclimatization we had went a little upper. The shops run by locals had everything for a trekker’s delight and most importantly – Hot Maggie and omelets. Our taste buds had come to life again JJ
Fourth day has started with clear weather. Our local guide Bhupal Ji showed the three big holes (now covered) where the dancers had vanished .A local legend where the actions of an arrogant king made all his people suffer. The name pathar nachuni had been named after the incident. The ascend was steep and tough but we finally reached top. From here camps was at few distance. At kalu vinayak temple we had break and waited for rest of group to join.
Baguwabasa camp (highest altitude camp) was a bit of chaos. All other group’s tents pitched and partly covered in snow. The group was called in dining tent for briefing by very enthusiastic technical team who would be guiding for summit the next day.Now that we had left for acclimatization the most awaited moment came-playing in snow!!!!. All had their own share of throwing snow balls at each other.
I came by camp and as i was bored of sleeping in tent I went for tea in a shop. I spent time in the tent just enjoying loneliness.
The morning call to leave for summit was at 3am . We had put all our clothing what we have to beat the cold. All had gathered at dining tent around 2:30 am for Maggie and tea. As we left for the penultimate day everyone in group was having the anxiety to make it to summit. The trail was covered in snow so we had put our crampons to stick in snow. The technical team was doing a great job motivating trekkers to keep moving. Best of which came from Sunny bhai our guide (Roopkund milega do rupiah mein – only 2 rupees JJ).We stopped for breakfast for a short time. The other group’s also joined with us and now the summit is at few metres left above but it was the toughest. At each step making it count till we reach the top. The guides kept screaming only 100 metres left,50,25……So finally
Roopkund!!!!!!!Yahoooooo!!!!The first rays of sun hit the summit and we were at 16000 ft. All our tiredness exhaustion went with the feeling we all had made it..
We clicked pics, congratulated each other and again clicked pics with all group members. We returned from peak after spending nearly 1 hr and left for pathar nachuni.Returning pathar nachuni nobody showed signs of exhaustion and even played cricket. The descend following next day to Wan village was fun. From Wan vehicles were waiting to pick us to Loharjung. The journey was coming to end and nobody was talking to return home. We were in home away from home….This journey had made a dent in all our minds with a promise to come back.
Written By: kavadana anurag