Back Reminiscence of Roopkund Trek

Reminiscence of Roopkund Trek

 The Roopkund Lake

The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives. This certainly holds true for the Roopkund Trek.

If you are inclined to adventure or are a first time trekker or just want a small getaway from the hustle bustle of your daily life, then Roopkund Trek is a must for you. It is one exhilarating experience that you certainly can’t afford to miss.

Roopkund Trek is primarily to visit and see the famous “Roopkund Lake” also known as “Mystery and Skeletons Lake” which is situated in the Himalayas at an altitude of 5,029 metres (16,499 feet) in the Uttarakhand state of India. The sight of hundreds of human remains and skeletons at such an altitude would give you goose bumps and leave you curious to know who these people were.

A Trek to look forward to

Naturally, there are many more reasons to go for this trek apart from the famous human skeletons. The nature surprises you with its magnificent and breathtaking views in the form of gigantic mountains, beautifully carved meadows, deep forests with enormously long trees and unbelievable campsites.  You will be elated and awestruck to witness all this as you start your trek journey from 8,000 ft to your destination at 16,000 ft.

Although, Trekking is considered to be a group activity however it is your own personal journey too that you go through and realize certain new and fascinating experiences about you, people and nature. This trek is also an opportunity to unwind yourself, overcome your fears, unleash your hidden potential, push your limits to reach a common goal, respect nature more, work as a team yet enjoy every bit of it.

The best way to enjoy your trek is to dream about the next halt and the destination instead of getting inquisitive about minute details and how much more to walk.


The preparation for the trek is in itself a journey. Of course the adrenaline rush pushes you to buy all necessary clothing, accessories and trekking shoes for the same. People also read travel blogs in order to make the most of their trip however the most important thing that they tend to neglect is their fitness level. Having a healthy lifestyle way ahead of this trek, gives you an edge to enjoy it. Jogging or any form of exercise like swimming, cycling on a regular basis with a healthy diet would give you the desired results and definitely boost up your confidence level to accomplish your dream destination.


How you feel at a particular moment, become part of your memory and in turn create your experiences in life.  Naturally, there is a plethora of experiences that awaits you on this 7 day trek.

Getting hot piping food served (with motherly love) in the chilling weather is something that you would always talk about after coming from the trek.

The hospitality of the local people, especially the guides, the helpers, the cooks, the trek leader would melt your heart and urge you to come back to mountains.

The sheer and raw beauty of the nature with ever-changing sceneries, snow clad mountains, foamy clouds, charming meadows, beautiful horses along the trail, all would tell a compelling story to you and you are bound to listen to them, to come close to them.

There are certain things that you personally achieve while on your journey to Roopkund. One of them is definitely Endurance. While trekking, there may be times that your body or mind just want to give up and go back but that is the time when persistence plays a major role. Overcoming your mental or may be physical boundaries by pushing yourself a bit, would make you a stronger person ahead.

This Trek is also a time to reflect on yourself and let go of things that are unproductive for you and embrace the new things that come your way.

They say that, All’s well that ends well. Though you start your journey with a team of strangers and unknown people however you certainly end up making them friends for life.

 Indeed, you get an opportunity to a life changing experience in the form of Roopkund Trek.



Pallavi Chaudhary