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Myths about AMS

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is a curse to hiking in high altitudes. I like to say it as the celebrity of trekking in the Himalayas. Well, everybody is talking about it. Even though everybody is scared of it. It is a superstar that people do not want in their lives.

As you know with popularity follows rumors. People are talking so much that it is difficult to distinguish between what is true and what is wrong. With AMS the same has happened. While interacting with trekkers we get to hear about these misconceptions. Some of the myths they believe so strongly that it is difficult to convince them what is right. We, therefore, think the best way to convince them, is to let them learn themselves through some real stories. For each of the myth of AMS, we have narrated some unfortunate incidents. Look at them as stories with a takeaway message that will put light upon a myth of AMS.

Please note: The aim of this initiative is not to demotivate or spread negativity or blame anyone. Our motive is to spread awareness about AMS so that trekkers can be prepared. We want all to know that if it comes to AMS, trekkers should work for its prevention themselves and not depend totally on the trekking company. 

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Feel free to share your experiences too. Let us all contribute to eradicating this evil celebrity by enlightening everyone else.