Back Make incomplete Stok Kangri trek complete with Markha Valley trek

Make incomplete Stok Kangri trek complete with Markha Valley trek

Being on the most sought trekking peak and not able to stand on its top is disheartening. But that is part of the game. Reaching top is optional, coming down is compulsory! For whatever reason, one could be on the summit of Stok, one must be delighted for having reached home safely. The time has come to overcome that disgrace and move on to something as exciting and stupendous as Stok. No guesses, it is the Markha Valley trek!

You might wonder Stok is a 6000 meter peak and it has no comparison with Markha Valley trek. Yet, we feel Markha is best for those not satisfied from Stok. Find out why,

Lies in the same region as Stok: Markha Valley lies in the cold desert of Ladakh, extremely close to the Buddhist culture, authentic Leh lifestyle and cordial homes. All of which one gets to experience for the small 2 days stay in Leh. During the whole Markha Valley trek of 6-7 days, one gets to live the Buddhism. The mystic Stupas, monasteries, Mani Stones enlightens the soul.

Staying in the most cordial houses of the typical Ladakhi villagers makes one humble. Just as one proceeds each day from one hamlet to the next, the book Seven Years in Tibet come into life. It becomes a reality.

Wonderful display of flora-fauna: For nature lovers, Markha is a mother to the extensive biodiversity. It protects huge breedings of birds and animals like Magpai, mountain goats, blue sheep etc. Every now then one can encounter these animals. Surprisingly, it is known as the Snow Leopard valley. So, go all equipped with lenses and cameras to capture Snow Leopard.

Hidden Chadar trek: This is a secret, the Markha river in this valley also freezes hard as Chadar on Zanskar river. Many people, therefore, visit this valley in winters for the thrill of Chadar trek.

As tough as Stok: The reason why trekkers are attracted to Stok is its complexity. They want to try something challenging, something that allows pushing limits. Markha is on the same lines. Walking 10 km every day, crossing steep slopes, freezing cold streams, is not that easy. Repeating that for 5-6 days, back to back, is a strenuous and mind bottling. Of course, the stunning surrounding is always there to rejuvenate. There is no way of giving up because the only option to return is to re-trace those long kilometres again. One has to move ahead no matter what! 

Summit views better than Stok: Of course, towards the end the amazing Kang Yatse peaks rise up, getting higher and closer. Along with the incredible views of Stok Kangri, Ladakh range, the Markha ends in a mystical, satisfactory and enthralling manner.

Written By:-
Nutan Shinde
TTH Official Content Writer