Back Kuari Pass Trek———what the heck?

Kuari Pass Trek———what the heck?


The only question that I have been hearing the past few days since my return from Rishikesh after having completed the Kuari Pass Trek…… “How was the trip?” My reply is generally either of the 2 words – “Amazing” / “Spectacular”. The details? I don’t recollect. Awesomeness of the experience? I do. Confused? Well, so am I… here goes my attempt to explain.

What are the reasons for one to be interested in a trek? For a photographer, the views of the untouched Himalayan ranges and an attempt to capture magical moments; for an adventure junkie, the sheer adrenaline rush of trying to overcome obstacles and reaching the destination; for a naturalist – well.. it is Himalayas, need I say more?

So, where do I fit? I am no photographer – though the views (the various peaks and valleys, snow covered hilltops with myths and stories as old as the Himalayas) and the VIEWS (our trek leaders looked right out of a modeling catalogue) made me wish I was one. I did not carry a camera / phone for most of the trek. Interest in the Himalayan biodiversity? Naaaah, though I did make an attempt to ask questions about it (blue pine, silver oaks, Himalayan Monal etc if you are interested). Adventure and me? Not really. The only dose of adventure I like to experience is changing the TV channel and watching a new serial. I am not even an average blogger / story writer (well.. I am sure you guessed THAT by now!). So, what gives? What is it that made my trek “AWESOME!” Here comes the list!

  • A group of 7 strangers in the first hour of our drive to Joshimath is now a gang of 7 very good friends (our very own Pagalpanti gang). Isn’t that remarkable!
  • Playing “Dumb Charades” and all sorts of games by the bon fire culminating with a glass of Bournvita. Sounds fun, right!
  • Amazing food by the TTH team, possibly better than any Michelin starred restaurants, with an unbeatable ambience and company! Jealous yet?!
  • Singing at top of your voice with made up lyrics and a very bad excuse of a tune, just to maintain the cheery atmosphere when the going gets tough (our trek back from the unsuccessful PangalChula summit to the camp and the last day descent to Auli being some very difficult points in the trek for me made possible only by the group’s singing). Doesn’t that sound incredible?
  • A person you have known for close to a decade but did not realize the sheer strength of her willpower to complete a goal, despite being an anti trekker of the worst kind. That is awe-inspiring!
  • Having a trek leader who pushes you to keep pace and motivates you when you have admitted defeat. Appreciable!


Neha Mohta

Written By:
Neha Mohta