Kuari Pass Trek———what the heck?

The only question that I have been hearing the past few days since my return from Rishikesh after having completed the Kuari Pass Trek…… “How was the trip?” My reply is generally either of the 2 words – “Amazing” / “Spectacular”. The details? I don’t recollect. Awesomeness of the experience? I do. Confused? Well, so am I… here goes my attempt to explain.

What are the reasons for one to be interested in a trek? For a photographer, the views of the untouched Himalayan ranges and an attempt to capture magical moments; for an adventure junkie, the sheer adrenaline rush of trying to overcome obstacles and reaching the destination; for a naturalist – well.. it is Himalayas, need I say more?

So, where do I fit? I am no photographer – though the views (the various peaks and valleys, snow covered hilltops with myths and stories as old as the Himalayas) and the VIEWS (our trek leaders looked right out of a modeling catalogue) made me wish I was one. I did not carry a camera / phone for most of the trek. Interest in the Himalayan biodiversity? Naaaah, though I did make an attempt to ask questions about it (blue pine, silver oaks, Himalayan Monal etc if you are interested). Adventure and me? Not really. The only dose of adventure I like to experience is changing the TV channel and watching a new serial. I am not even an average blogger / story writer (well.. I am sure you guessed THAT by now!). So, what gives? What is it that made my trek “AWESOME!” Here comes the list!

Written By:
Neha Mohta