If you hate travelling…a trek is worth it!

When the vacation time comes, everybody talks about vacations, big travel plans, family outing, friends getaway trips. However, there are some who really want to sit back home and just chill. They just want to binge watch web series, catch up on missed movies or do not want to miss that match no matter what.

On the contrary, today where everybody is talking about exploring new places, breaking the monotonous lifestyle, adventure experiences, can someone really not like to travel? There is definitely somebody in your life who is like that. Who is so disciplined to miss that early tea, who loves being cosy at home or who likes the daily routine life. Well, for these people, clearly trekking is not worth considering! We would say this is a misconception.

Recently, we received a heart touching story of our trekker Sakshi Arjun from Pune. She along with her family did Chopta Chandrashila trek with us. She explains pretty well her struggle of convincing her family for trekking and how just one trek, changed their minds. She says,

I belong to a family where I am only one who is always excited about seeking new experiences, visiting the mountains, going on a long  Himalayan walk. Rest of my family, not so fond of travelling. Yet, I can definitely state for them, they loved trekking…even if they did it for the first and the last time!

“Yes, I was really sulking throughout the hike. Looking down the fear of falling and looking above the fear of dying was driving me. I was panting. I knew I should have not come,” even today my father talks about his first ever hiking experience, constantly criticizing me for a bad idea of family trekking. My Mom also taunts me, “Exactly, why would you plan such hectic travelling for your ageing parents? You know we need to take medicines on time. It was our mistake we fell for the love of our child.”

I know how hard it is to get these people out of the house. My father strictly follows his discipline, from morning tea to dinner, his timings have not changed since I was born. My mother though not so strict follower, but she does not like leaving the home. She likes to be the home runner. And my younger brother never leaves his computer. He is a game addict. He would sacrifice sleep and food to live in that fake world. Despite, all that I managed to somehow convince them to go on a Tungnath trek. You talk about God and parents will agree to do it.

More than convincing them for the trek, I believe the tough part was to keep them walking. Although Chopta Chandrashila is not a difficult trek, for my family it was a task! I am so proud of them, they all made it to the top. But I was worried. All the way down they were silent. All were busy in their own way. I knew I need to be prepared for some serious scolding.

Finally, at the end of the trek, my dad said, “You know, once I reached the top, in front of the mandir, I felt as if I actually met my God. I felt peaceful. When I sat there, gazing at the clouds and the mountains, my soul was enlightened. I wondered what an incredible world God has created and I am so lucky to witness it.” I was amazed by his words. My Mom also added, “I am so happy to be here, in the mountains. I really missed this. When we were living in a village we had such a raw lifestyle. Lying under the dark sky, cool breeze, greenery, chirping birds. I loved to relive that.” adding drama to it she continued, “Mere Shivji wanted me to come and meet him. You won’t believe, while climbing those stairs I could constantly see him in the clouds, calling me. In blowing winds I could hear Om, Om…it is all because of him that we got to live this.”

I was eagerly waiting to hear from my brother now. “So, got some any clicks to post on Instagram?” I asked him. “Any? Plenty of them. My creativity was just flowing you know. I have captured such spectacles that people will only follow me. I took amazing time-lapse of sunrise and moving clouds. It was so tranquil to just keep staring at them. And that range of mountains, breathtaking! Oh…there should be a game on hiking. After overcoming hurdles you reach the mountain. Wouldn’t that be great?” he kept on talking.

Honestly, I did not expect such an overwhelming reaction. Throughout the return journey to our home, we were only chatting about the trek. How hectic it was and how astonishing it was. I could see the absolute joy in the eyes of these first-time trekkers and travellers. I was more worried about my Dad not able to follow his schedule and it turned out he did. As usual, he would wake up at 5, he got his tea at 6 every day. Breakfast and lunch were on time. Only the dinner was scheduled a little early, which he enjoyed. My brother’s timetable had gone upside down. He slept at 9 and woke at 6. My mom was shocked her son literally woke up before the sun. Her husband was taking medicines on time. Her family was perfect without her being worried about household chores. She was in heaven!

To my surprise, even during the travel from hometown to base village, everybody was good. Though there was alteration in their lifestyles, they were tolerant about it. In fact, they would sometimes not even notice it, busy observing the new places and new faces.

Despite, having the most memorable experience of their entire lifetime, I know they would not go for another trek so easily. Probably, that is not what gives them a kick. But, it has surely left a stone impression in their heart. Even today they talk about their trekking moments in a dramatic way. I know, there is something that they all have imbibed. Something that has touched their soul. An adventure that races their heart just by thinking of it.  They definitely do not regret it. At least, now they don’t ask me “Why do you have to go again?”

Sakshi’s wonderful story makes us wonder, how that one trip made all of them feel blessed and satisfied. They have something to cherish for years to come. Just that one trek has given them tons of memories. That trek was definitely worth it!

Therefore, we truly feel, everybody should go on a trek. Whether you like it or not. At least once! Just break the glass and come out of that comfort zone only once. Come and experience the thrill of the mountains. We are sure, those mountains dwell in your comfy mind for the rest of their life.