Back ‘How to live’ authored by MOUNTAINS

‘How to live’ authored by MOUNTAINS

“Life lessons learned the hard way are the real lessons. Lessons that come easy are not lessons at all, they are gracious art of luck.” Adventure travel is the best teacher, especially the raw circumstances of the mountains. They teach in the fun and thrilling way. Go on a trek and you will gain a handbook of ‘how to live’, having some of the following principles,

  1. Keep calm and adjust

When it comes to fulfilling a dream minor hurdles on the way seem negligible. On the setup of nomad camping sites on high altitude, even a small facility is a luxury. Cup of tea without milk, having soup in the plate instead of bowls, eating without spoons/forks, no hot water for face wash, hiking with the same clothes without changing, no choice of dishes, surviving freezing cold, going days without bathing the list goes on and on. All these things that seem to matter a lot at home, do not matter so much in the mountains. After all, to achieve something, some things must let go!

Life becomes peaceful if sometimes we quietly adjust, instead of complaining. A day without the maid, a night without electricity, car/bike breaks down on the way, visiting nagging relatives, accepting an android phone instead of iPhone, using public transport on rainy days etc. all are so tiny issues in front of the problems faced in the mountains. You definitely become more patient, calm and an adjustable person.

  1. Not me, not you, WE

When it comes to achieving big, people who assist become a team. A group activity is not truly enjoyable unless all the members participate whole-heartedly. Understanding everybody else, supporting them and even keeping them at first place than yourself, is utmost importance. Though the team members offer a service, they must be treated with immense respect. Similarly, the team leader who runs the entire team deserves the same respect. Conceding his or her situation we must obey the decisions keeping ego aside.

No big achievement comes leaving everybody behind. Even the most successful person has a unit of family, friends and well-wishers. Mountain climbing bestows the significance of WE than ME in a proficient way.

  1. Life is unplanned 

Mountains are unpredictable. We hope for a summit and complete trek, we prepare for the success. We sometimes reach the summit, sometimes return back. No one has control over mother nature. We just have to accept and be prepared for the unplanned. Undue weather changes, strong winds, landslides, extreme snow-fall, tearing of tents, spilling of ration on the route, accidents, we hope these never happen, yet we are prepared for such situations.
The universe is unpredictable too. Although it looks like we plan our lives, the cosmos executes it. Even if we are not prepared for the worst, having the mental strength to deal with it makes us stronger. Nobody wishes for wrong outcomes yet we are brutally thrown into severe situations. We must try to overcome the obstacle instead of crying and nagging over the unforeseen. In short, life can never be completely planned!

  1. Live it now

The dark sky is gradually gleaming with orange light directed from the tiny looking sun behind the stunning white snow-capped mountains. Slowly slowly the mountains get embraced with fluorescent lights, in the matter of a few minutes a pleasant day begins. Even a minor distraction of fixing a camera, posting on Instagram will lose the moment. Being totally submerged and living through it gives inner peace. Walking through the amazing trail with thoughts in mind will lead to missing delightful sights.
One should not get stuck in the past or flow in future thoughts.
One must be in the present. Breath it, feel it, live it…live it now!

  1. Live and let live

One who has been to the mountains knows the importance of mother nature. Nothing can happen if we try to hurt it. Any harm to it will directly or indirectly harm us. Bonfires, trashing everywhere, walking on meadows, loud music leads to ruining of the environment. Just as we follow cleanliness and eco-friendly living in the mountains, it should be followed at home.
If we want to preserve our mountains and keep trekking, pollution free life in the cities is important. Do not forget abusing nature elements for city life leads to global warming, melting of glaciers, no snow-fall etc. Give respect, take respect. Let the Earth live so that you live happily.

  1. Never give up

Despite freezing cold, rocky trail, walking on knee-deep snow, heavy breathing amidst fewer oxygen molecules, you somehow manage to complete the trek. It is sheer desire and strong willpower that brings true happiness and satisfaction.

No pain, no gain, the more we sweat the more we cherish our victory. The moment of low-confidence or negativity last for minutes but the success overcoming these thoughts last for a lifetime. Not losing hope with failures, staying positive, trying and trying is the path to be on the top. Hence, never give up!
All classrooms do not have four walls they say, mountains are definitely the amazing classrooms. Although the kind of experience varies from person to person, the moral is the same. Moreover, the lessons learned remain forever, some make memorable moments. Every memory is basically associated with a rule of how to live.
Written By:-
Nutan Shinde
TTH Official Content Writer