Back Goechala: The best of Sikkim packed in one trek

Goechala: The best of Sikkim packed in one trek

Trekking in Sikkim gives you a quite distinctive experience from the other treks of India. Goechala is one such trek that will give you an experience of complete Sikkim by letting you explore the majestic mountains, culture, unique surroundings, quick transformations of landscapes and rich flora and fauna.
Apart from these it will give you a complete flavour of Sikkim through its rich culture and warmth of people living a content lifestyle. It is a perfect trek offering everything which an adventurer seeks.

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highlights of Sikkim which will get covered in your Goechala trek:

The place from where trek starts is Yuksom Town, which is a historical town of Sikkim which let you explore rich distinctive culture of Sikkim. It has the oldest monasteries, remains Chogyars and a statue of saint of Sikkim. While going from Yuksom to Djongri you spot wooden fencing which is very unique in its own way.

The best and most sought-out part of Sikkim is the beautiful and unique, traditional trek to Djongri. The trek comprises of magnificent views of Kanchunjunga’s white peaks with abstract landscapes of green and golden meadows at lower region. You will adore the beauty of Sikkim on this route.

The breath taking views of Mt. Pandim covered with snow while you explore the great Tibetan/Sikkim’s culture at Tshoka village is another addition for you in the memorable journey.

The serene domain of turquoise blue Samiti lake with the blue birds in the sky is an eye pleasing landscape depicting the purity of atmosphere of Sikkim.

At the ultimate destination Goechala, views of Mt. Pandim’s magnificent peaks and mighty, bold Mt. Kanchanjunga will blow your mind with its beauty.

Sikkim is also popular for its dense forests of rhododendron and oak, and the trek trail of Goechala is only through these lush oak forests which are so dense that you will only have a ray of sunlight at some places.

This trek passes by various huts at some places where you can rest and spend nights. It will be a truly thrilling experience in the uniqueness of the north eastern state.

Glimpse of Sikkim culture can also be seen at the wooden bridge of Perk river, which is covered with holy flags to wish you for a successful journey.

So the best way to explore the entire Sikkim with adventure is to opt for Goechala trek and have a pleasant time knowing the distinct state.