Back Forest, Meadows, Snow and Lake- Roopkud Trek

Forest, Meadows, Snow and Lake- Roopkud Trek

Here I am sharing my beautiful trekking experience of Roopkund which is located in Garwhal Himalaya, Uttrakhand. Needless to say Roopkund is one such place where one should definitely visit. This was my first trekking experience ever. I always wanted to have some adventurous trip but thanks to my hectic work schedules, it never happened.  But one day when I finally decided for an adventurous trip the first thing that came in my mind was which place should be the most appropriate one for my first trekking experience.


I goggled out all the trekking spots but Roopkund thrilled me the most because of the skeletons story related with it and immediately I decided that I will go to Roopkund. I just registered with Trek the Himalayas for the Roopkund trip and packed my bags. During the trip I found some interesting trek mates who were equally excited as me. Some were first timers and some were renowned trekkers. While driving from Kathgodam towards Lohagunj we all got to view the beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers and bridges which made me feel like I am in some fairyland. When we reached Lohagunj we did our shopping of some eatables and energy drinks as the guide told us that further we won’t get any shops.  We spent the night at the guest room. The next morning I woke up very early as I was damn excited for the trek.



After having our breakfast we moved on for the trek. Initial trek was through the mixed forest. On the way I saw a very small tree called Rhododendron. The guide told me that its an evergreen plant and the local people here make juice from the flowers of the tree as it have some medicine value. After reaching Ruan Bagad we saw a bridge also called as Didna PullĀ over river Neel Ganga. All of us wanted to cross the river and feel the water instead of walking on a bridge so we did the same and enjoyed the fresh water over our foots. It was a beautiful experience. The next day we started the trek at 7.00 am after exercise and breakfast.  We walked through dense forest of Oak trees for about 4 hours. Trekking in dense forest was really giving me a very blissful feeling. But suddenly the tress ended and grassland started. It was grassland of Ali Bugyal.


The view was just wow as the grass land looks like some green carpet filled with small yellow and purple flowers. The view from top of hill looked amazing and on the way we could see Himalayan snow clad peaks of Chauhkhamba, Hathi Parvat and Neelkhanth Parvat. And then there was a mild snow fall and my first ever snow fall experience and trust me it was awesome. After walking for a while we reached the campsite.