Back First Himalayan trek in Grahwal- Har ki doon

First Himalayan trek in Grahwal- Har ki doon

Once in a lifetime a great adventure is very necessary in order to challenge yourself and for this you need to enjoy great time. But when I browse many online sites then I came to know about Trek the Himalayas which was having attractive package of 4 days trek .So I planned for visiting trek with their team and got registered. I was very much enthralled for enjoying the trek to Har-Ki-Dun which had been on my mind ever since my childhood.


 Har Ki Doon is a striking valley located in Uttarkashi region of Uttarakhand. This place is the first choice of every trekker who loves greenery .The glaciers are surrounded by lofty crest of the Himalayas Mountains. I had been looking forward for this trek since a long time. And finally I got to enjoy the best test location of India which is very enchanting and its prettiness has attracted by inner mind and soul and the best part was the team of Trek the Himalayas being all over the time and guiding us throughout the way.


Trekking in Uttarakhand is one of the most exciting treks for every trekker who specially comes for in the search of natural beauty. The rises of peaks are terraced with grassland of red and yellow flowers, adding together the plain hilly ridge. There was gigantic sandy dell almost surrounded by snowy frozen ice which hit the highest point and looked very mesmerizing. I enjoyed a great time watching out the sunset behind the Himalayan mountain ranges. After crossing the wild forest areas and river overpass I saw a lovely fall flowing behind the rocky mountains which was looking very attractive and I clicked some good punches for refining good moment in my camera. The ride was too bumpy and hectic while trekking, but I felt very stirring.


I enjoyed the venture of Har Ki Doon trek which was completely unique and it became very easy as I got professional and helpful guides of Trek the Himalayas. Thanks to the whole team of Trek the Himalayas which has supported in every manner while trailing the trudge. Just was an amazing experience which will be very memorable for me throughout my life.