Back Daily updates on Kashmir treks 2019 – (Called off all batches)

Daily updates on Kashmir treks 2019 – (Called off all batches)

Considering the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir we have dedicated this page to keep you all updated about its effects on our treks.
If you have been following the news, the Jammu and Kashmir government released a safety advisory on Friday, as per which it has requested all the tourists to return back and leave the Kashmir valley asap. All the hotels of Sonmarg, Gulmarg, etc. places have already been evacuated. Considering the situation in Kashmir we have decided to cancel all our Kashmir treks of this season.
We understand what this means for our trekkers and to make things a little bit easy we have 4 treks in option to Kashmir trek. Believe us these treks are definitely worth it.
Here are the treks we offer. We have also suggested based on the difficulty level of Tarsar Marsar and Kashmir Great Lakes trek.

1. Markha Valley trek (suitable for Kashmir Great Lakes trekkers):

This trek lies in the biggest Valley Leh harboring a wide variety of flora and fauna. The trial goes one by one through small and scenic villages that still portray the typical Ladakhi culture. Now, where can one witness such cultural and natural elegance. Our batches of this trek are:
Markha Valley Trek
09th August to 16th August
10th August to  17th August
11th August to 18th August
12th August to 19th August
13th August to 14th August
17th August to 24th August
18th August to 25th August
24th August to 31st August
25th August to 01st Sept
31st August to 07th Sept
07th Sept to 14th Sep
Markha valley is the best option as we have opened this trek this season. It is not as popular as it deserves, you get a chance to walk on something less explored.

2. For those not interested in Markha valley, can opt for Hampta Pass trek

(again suitable for Kashmir Great Lakes trekkers and Tarsar Marsar trekkers). The name of the trek says it all, it is the famous trek of Manali. This year with lots of snow and rains the trail has unique and astonishing sights. The batch dates are:
Hampta Pass Trek
12th August to 16th August
14th August to 18th August
16th August to 20th August
17th August to 21st August
18th August to 22nd August
24th August to 28th August
25th August to 29th August
31st August to 04th Sept
01st Sept to 05th Sept

3. Valley of Flowers trek (suitable for Tarsar Marsar treks):

Again this trek needs no introduction. A Valley that is dedicated only for vibrant flowers. If monsoon can benefit anything it is definitely the flourishing blossoms. August being the best time, if not Kashmir Valley come can explore the flower valley. Batch dates for VOF are:
Valley Of Flowers Trek
17th August to 22nd August
19th August to 24th August
20th August to 25th August
25th August to 30th August
31st August to 05th Sept

4. Brighu Lake (suitable for Tarsar Marsar treks):

We opened up new batches of this trek for those looking for an easy trek with wonderful beauty throughout. The trail gradually rises from tiny blossoms, vast Greenlands, and lively grazing animals to still frozen Brighu lake. The lake looks like Chakra resting peacefully under blue skies. New batch dates for this trek are:
Brighu Lake Trek
11th August to 14th August
12th August to 15th August
18th August to 21st August
24th August to 27th August
25th August to 28th August
We would suggest Brighu and Valley of flowers for Tarsar Marsar trekkers as they of grade matching to Tarsar Marsar. Rest of the 2 treks are moderate to difficult level, suitable for KGL trekkers. However, all of these treks are open for any of the Kashmir treks trekker.
5. If you are willing for cash refund. Please make note that amount refunded will be after 4% deduction for bank and service charges.
6. Additionally, if you want a 100% refund we will give you a trek voucher worth your trek cost. You can use this voucher for any of our treks valid for one year. The terms and conditions of the voucher will be mentioned once you receive it.
Note: If you select either of the 4 treks, the trek cost difference will be paid by you if it more than your Kashmir trek cost else will be refunded to you.
As disheartening this is we promise to help you in every possible way. Always remember that anything can happen when it comes to trekking. The best we can do is accept it and move forward. In this critical situation, we expect peaceful coordination from you all. In case of any questions please contact your trek coordinator.
Hope to see you soon in the mountains!