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Charismatic Kashmir- Kashmir Great Lake Trekking


Kashmir is a place which does not need to be obliged by any kind of an introductory treatise. So let us jump directly to the main point. The Kashmir Great Lakes!

Anyone who is fond of the marine life or has the watery element in it or likes to sit beside a water body and flicker in his or her thought or even if one does not belong to any of the above kinds, nonetheless I can assure you with full confidence that this is one journey and the only journey for a lifetime. It is one of the many reasons why people get addicted to a place called Kashmir.

kashmir great lake trek

A little workout with an urge to shape yourself well, a little preparation carried out properly and an ever burning desire to fathom the art of the Almighty is what one needs to go on this trek.

It is best to develop all these hypothetical but very necessary emotions in between June to September as this is the best time to visit the Kashmir Great lakes. Obviously it will be better if we get to see the components of the lakes in its usual state of matter.


Sonamarg marks the start of the trek and also with its end is the beginning of the lavishly spread carpet of green meadows and the brooks and the downpour of waterfalls and the hued terrains and the snowy clad pinnacles and any other and every other visage of heaven. After Sonamarg, the trail reaches Gadsar Pass and we stand at the zenith point of this trek. But just rewind a few single minutes of seconds and remind yourself of the two magnificent lakes that has just been passed by us. These two lakes are the Vishansar and the Kishansar lakes living at a distance of around 1.5 kilometres from each other. Both the lakes have volume and erroneous air of elegance of that of a blossomed monsoon around itself. The different hues projected during different hours of day as well as night are something to be wondered about. One main advantage of the Gadsar Pass is that it allows to intake the charm of the two first cum first lakes on this trek in unison. It is something of all the views that is particular only to the Gadsar Pass.


It is time that now we start heading back home. Do not be upset. We will pay a visit to most of the lakes on our way back only. And the first one to be introduced with is the Yamsir Lake along with a nameless lake and the Gadsar Lake. And further the captivating Satsar lakes entrap its viewers and we meet the twin lakes amongst which the bigger one is the Gangabal and the next arrives the Nundkol.

Different names, various sizes, alien surprises and yet bound in one name with an alike elegance of the overwhelming beauty- such is the style of the Kashmir Great Lakes.

The evergreen of all!