Back Bagini Glacier and Changbang Base Camp Trek

Bagini Glacier and Changbang Base Camp Trek

Boy! Wanna hike to adventure to taste your own taste?
Well its time that I must suggest you something and put an end to this unquenchable thirst of yours.
Trek to Bagini Glacier is just what you are searching for.
Bagini Glacier runs down northwards from Changabang & Trishuli peaks (in North-West rim of Nanda-Devi Sanctuary) and then the Bagini melt river turns westwards where it is joined by Dunagiri Glacier waters struggling down from Purbi-Dronagiri ridge.
You can start from our capital city- the one and only- Delhi. From Delhi you can board a train to Rishikesh. Well, time-saving and cost-effective too, for via road on such route you are bound to face the traffic jam. So keep a note of this as a travel advice. There is a well managed transportation to Joshimath from Rishikesh. Its better to take the earliest bus for the ride is around 12 hours. You watch Alaknanda joining the Ganges and pass through many holy spots where pilgrims take a dip in Ganges.
Bagini glacier
Its better if you are loaded up on rations for there are no eateries on the trek route. After some rest the adventure begins. The first to enamour you by the sudden calmness, unlike the plains volume, will be the Ruing village. Then you will pass through Dronagiri village that will offer you another breath-taking trek among the steepness and greenery of the forests, butterflies, landslides and the evergreen waterfalls.
What a beauty!
But with the rewarding outcomes come the challenging trek route to the Bagini Glacier. The route climbs over the pass to the left and comes steeply down to the river over which is a concrete bridge. The vegetation quickly turned from meadows to boulder ridden rocky terrain.
All the adrenaline rush will drain you off whatever energy you have had. The most beautiful will be the passage of mist from down below over you and beyond. It is a continuous cycle that would reveal peaks on either one direction.
Still alive!
Bagini glacier trek
Good job guys!
Time to get clicks and envy your kith and kin’s with the adoring pictures. Congo! You are at Rishi Pahar. A few strides more and here you are at your destination. Strange, how a day passes by in the mountains with any sense of boredom.
You will find that even among the rocks and mountains, there can be a view scenic enough finding the little flowers struggling between the rocks to bloom in their bosoms.
Having a tiring memory that can be remembered as venturesome and heavenly stride is surely waiting for you on your way to the Bagini Glacier.
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